Jewelry Organizer DIY to Organize Your Jewelries

Do not let your jewelries in a really messy state. Getting the coolest jewelry organizer DIY is not hard at all, you only need even so little carpentry skill and some common tools such as hammer, drill, and scissor. Most important thing on making this jewelry organizer is make the separators to differentiate jewelry kind so easily. For example, make several more boxes in one single large box so you would not have mistaken bracelets into chokers without scrutinizing it, The advantages gained from getting your own jewelry organizer is more efficient space and less time dressing up, isn’t it so worthy to be done?

To get the least cost possible, find some unused materials around you and check for some inspirations to turn them into more valuable thing. Unused shoe cardboard’s with nice patterns can be used, the empty glass bottle, the palette boards, and even the fruit box. Creativity is so powerful that you can change these other things into other interesting function.

The hanging technique tends to save up more space, the reasons are because you would not have to put the organizer on the table and on the floor. Just spare a little space on the wall, make the organizer, hang the jewelries, and BAM you are done doing it.

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DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall

We have emphasized earlier that making the use of your wall space will be so space efficient. To get the wall organizer, use some unused hooks or simply buy some of it in a craft store. Make the simple one by using the solid wooden board as well.

Apply the hooks by hammering it unto the wooden board then hang your jewelries based on priorities (often used to the least used ones). The other alternative is you can just make several hangers to divide different kinds of jewelries. Beside using jewelry organizer DIY hooks, the palette can be used as well by sticking whole of it on the wall and apply the hooks. Make it look better by re-polishing it.

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DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer

The hanging jewelry organizer DIY is not always used in the wall, you can put it on the desk or even on the floor. When you have a hollow space in the walls, modify them by inserting some woods then hang the jewelries based on differentiated categories.

Give the space a door including decent sized mirror. The more challenging activity is making your own hanging racks. Get some plain woods, paint them into the colors you prefer, make several racks to put on the jewelries then apply some hooks on the bottom side. This way, you can store the necklace in the bottom.

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DIY Jewelry Organizer Frame

Well, a frame will always be able to improve the room appearance and can be made into so many crafts, one of those crafts is jewelry organizer DIY. Get some unused frames from around you, make it smoother using the sand paper then paint frame using your favorite color.

Make sure that the color will suit well in your bedroom as well. After that, put a background inside the frame so you can hang many things like earrings and rings surrounded by well painted frame. Not using the background at all can also be nice, just hammer the nails in organized distance inside overall frame. This jewelry organizer DIY can be considered really easy.

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