Jewelry Storage Ideas Fun Ways You Can Use

Thinking of jewelry storage ideas may be a bit worrying for you who have not had this kind of storage before. If you collect some jewelry, you need to make it organized by having the right storage. The storage should not only be pretty to decorate your room, but it must also be accessible. One example that you may consider is the mirror coming with organizer. The bright-colored one will be the best for your home. Another idea that you would like to use is a canvas basket in a large size. You may have a few baskets to store each of your jewelry.

The simple one that can help you to store your jewelry safely and neatly is a tissue box that you can actually transform into a jewelry box. You do not even need to buy it as you can utilize the unused one at your home. If you want something creative, you may think that using spice containers will be a great idea.

About how many containers you should use, it depends on how much jewelry you do have. Clear boxes will also help you to keep your jewelry and access them more easily, especially because they are plastic and transparent so it is simpler to organize.

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Jewelry Storage Ideas Wall

If you think about jewelry storage that can be hung on the wall, spice holders can be considered. Previously, we have mentioned spice containers, but the spice holders are the ones that are usually hung and they come in the glass jars form.

Another idea that you can hang on the wall will be hanging bins. You can make them yourself just by utilizing the used containers of disinfectant wipes in order to make it simple without having to buy them anymore somewhere. The two ideas seem to be the perfect projects you should make true.

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Drawer Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you are a tea lover, you may have the tea’s cardboard boxes, so rather than creating a mess by letting the boxes all over your room, it is better to transform them into a good storage for your jewelry drawer. This is a simple way but may be the best solution.

There are some things that you better prepare, including plain wooden boxes, gift wrapping, paint and glue as you need to make them look as pretty as possible. The drawer storage for your jewelry from tea’s cardboard boxes won’t be bad and you will see how good this idea is.

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Hidden Jewelry Storage Ideas

There are many ways to keep your jewelry in a safe, hidden place, like by making a doubled wall art piece so that your jewelry can be secured there. Or else, if you have a large bathtub, you can go building a big storage compartment under your bathtub because who will know that you have valuable items inside there.

If you want to go for something easier when it comes to the jewelry storage ideas, a desktop organizer is perfect for you because it will keep them hidden without making you hard to find or take them whenever you want to wear them.

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