Know More about Black Sapphire Ring and the Pros

When you hear about Sapphire, your imagination may think it as a stone in deep blue color. There are many jewelry pieces that are designed with blue sapphire. However, the blue color is not the only option of sapphire. You also have another choice that can be more elegant; it is the black sapphire.

You can have more beautiful jewelry piece of black sapphire ring or other pieces with the elegant black color. If you don’t know much about the black sapphire yet. You can learn a little bit about the stone below. So you can know whether the black sapphire will be a perfect choice or not for you.

Learn about the colors of the sapphire stones, what is the black sapphire, the beauty and the pros of having black sapphire, the variety of black sapphire, as well as where you can buy some jewelry pieces with the stone.


Kinds of Sapphire Colors

Sapphire is one of mineral corundum varieties that are very popular in all over the world. This stone is available in all color possibilities excluding red. The various chemical elements in the structures of the stone are the reason of the color difference.

If the stone is red, the name is ruby. Among the sapphire colors, the most popular varieties are the blue, green, yellow and pink sapphire stones.

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What Is Black Sapphire?

If you need to know about what is black sapphire, you can learn a little about it here. Black sapphire is an almost solid stone with a very dark color so it looks like absorbing the entire lights that come into the gemstone. Black sapphire belongs to low grade gemstones in cheap price. It is largely mined in its main source; Australia. For the different chemical substances, black sapphire also often appears in gray or dark blue colors.

For the black color, many people often thought that black sapphire is onyx. This is the reason why it often substitutes onyx. The difference between onyx and black sapphire is the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Black sapphire belongs to hardest gemstones in 9 out of 10 MSH, whilst onyx is softer. For the hardness, black sapphire is best for pendant or ring.

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Is Black Sapphire the Same as Black Star Sapphire?

If you wonder; is black sapphire the same as black star sapphire?, the answer is not same. Black star sapphire is a different stone that reflects a star shape because of the unique crystal structures. Thailand, India and West Africa are the countries where star sapphires are mostly mined.

The iron and titanium traces inside the stone mineral resulting the black color. Some varieties of black star sapphire show purple and pink hues. Because of the rarity and beauty, black star sapphires are very expensive; up to thousands of dollars.

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Should You Buy Black Sapphire?

After knowing about the gemstones, then should you buy black sapphire? The answer is certainly based on your consideration. Remember that this gemstone is considered as a gemstone in low quality.

But the cheap price may be a great choice for those in budget and having a plan to choose a very hard opaque gemstone to be made as ring or pendant. So, make sure that this gemstone is worth before you decide to purchase.

Black Sapphire Rings Ideas Black Sapphire Rings Pictures


Where to Buy Black Sapphire Jewelry?

Knowing and loving black sapphire must make you want to buy it as one of your jewelry collections. Then you must also need to know about where to buy black sapphire jewelry. There are many jewelry stores that provide jewelries with black sapphire gemstones.

It is important to choose reliable stores to buy black sapphire jewelry in high quality and fair prices. Amazon is an online store where black sapphire jewelry pieces are provided in large numbers of options.

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Hence, now you have known more about black sapphire gemstones, the colors, varieties, as well as how it is compared with other gemstone types. Even though it belongs to low grade and cheap gemstones, it is quite interesting to have black sapphire ring or pendant because the hardness is perfect for this kind of jewelry.

The black color is quite elegant as the alternatives of other gemstones. Otherwise, you can also choose black sapphire in different color tones.


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