Know More about the of Titanium Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

Titanium Wedding Bands Pros and Cons must be the information to have before choosing such ring type as your wedding bands. By knowing about it well, you must be sure to choose the rings for the most special day of your life.

Wedding bands made from titanium metal are increasingly popular today. The main reason of why many couples choose it because of the high degree of the titanium’s strength, luxurious and shiny look, affordable prices, as well as the lightweight properties. For such great advantages, many couples choose titanium wedding bands for they use in a lifetime.

You should choose the right titanium wedding bands in order to make it last in a longest time. Find some guidance below about what exactly is titanium, the grade of titanium rings, the pros and cons of having titanium rings, and also some tips to shop the right titanium rigs as your wedding bands.


What Exactly is Titanium?

About what exactly is titanium, on periodic table, it is a chemical element in transition metal classification. Titanium belongs to 7th richest metal on the earth and can also be found in some meteorite types. Besides, titanium is also believed as the element of the sun. It has very light white color and sometimes in gray that can change for brushing, polishing and other finishing methods. Titanium is very lightweight and has low density. Yet it belongs to a very string metal. The density of titanium is only 4.11 compared with tungsten that has 19.25 density. This metal will become a very light wedding band on your finger.

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What Type of Titanium is Best for Titanium Wedding Bands?

The mixing of pure titanium with other metals certainly will change the properties inside the alloys. Besides, the durability of the metal also can be affected by the finishing and heating treatments. Titanium ranges from grade 1 to grade 4 that means the softest to the hardest one.

Then, what type of titanium is best for titanium wedding bands? The best type is the Commercially Pure (CP) grade that the pureness is up to 99%. It is also available from grade 1 to 4, yet grade 2 to 4 CP is the best type. The ring will be resistant to scratches and very strong, but still can be resized, engraved and cut in emergency.

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What about Aircraft Grade Titanium Rings?

Then what about aircraft grade titanium rings? Something you should know about this is:
Aircraft grade titanium consists of 90% pure titanium and alloyed with aluminum as much as 6% and vanadium 4%. The mixing will improve the natural strength of the metal. However, it cannot be made as rings because of the extremely strong alloy so it can’t be cut in emergency condition, nor can be repaired, engraved or resized. The best titanium metal for wedding rings is the CP grade 2 to 4 that has strongest characteristics.

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Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Bands

Talking about the pros and cons of titanium wedding bands, the main advantages of it are the great strength and durability, so you can wear it in a lifetime. Besides, titanium metal is also totally hypoallergenic, even it is also used to produce artificial joint.
Titanium is also tarnish and corrosion resistant even though it gets salt water exposure. It is poor conductor, very lightweight but very strong. The titanium wedding rings are available in various price ranges and the craftsmanship gives low impact to the environment.

For the great strength, you should spend much money to repair or resizing titanium rings. Besides, the hard metal is difficult to style so you may only find very limited styles of the titanium rings.

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Shopping Tips for Titanium Wedding Bands

Learn some shopping tips for titanium wedding bands below. If you are going to purchase titanium rings with other metal feature, ensure the metal has been inlaid as solid strip inside the ring design. If you choose a ring with metal plate feature, it will be wear off too fast and then chip away. Besides, you also should take care of such ring more compared with the solid titanium rings. Check the refund policy and lifetime guarantee that will ease you to change your titanium rings whenever it should be repaired or resized in the future. Also make sure that you choose the perfectly fit rings before purchasing. So you will wear the wedding bands comfortably without a need to resize.

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Those are the titanium wedding bands pros and cons that should be considered before purchasing the wedding bands for your very special day in a lifetime. If you need to have a strong and more durable wedding bands, then you can choose titanium rings as the best choice. The titanium wedding bands are available in limited styles or you can choose the rings with other metals features. However, make sure the rings are well crafted to make sure the design is good enough and quite durable too.


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