Lab Created Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds for your Rings

Sometimes people just do not really know about the lab created diamonds vs real diamonds since they sometimes look similar. However, of course both the man made and also real diamond of course have the different character and also some other different points. Surely, the most different thing between them is about the price which is completely that different.

That is good yet helpful information which people need to know especially for the women who love collecting the various jewelries, as like the ring. Before you are deciding to buy the real, simulant, or even synthetic diamonds, it is such a good idea for you to get the info about them. It is a good idea for also comparing them well.

If we are interested in buying the rings with manmade diamonds, it is a good idea to also know about how to choose the right one. There are two main different types of manmade diamonds. They are the stimulant and synthetic diamonds. Getting some tips to shop the man made diamond ring will be such a good idea for you.


Simulant Diamonds

The ring with lab created diamonds is of course much more affordable than the ring with real diamond. One of the types of manmade diamonds is the simulant diamonds. It can also be chosen as the gemstone for decorating the rings. Simulant diamonds have the dimilar appearance to the real or natural diamonds. Still, they have the physical yet chemical characters which are different. This kind of manmade diamonds have been popular since 70s.

In that moment, the stimulant diamonds are in the form of cubic zirconia. Then, we also can find the nexus and moissanite stimulant. Then, there are some other things which can also be used recently as the stimulant diamonds as like cut glass, white sapphire, zircon, and many more. Those are often used in the Victorian engagement ring. For the durability, missanite and also nexus become the much stronger ones compared to the cubic zirconia which is also often used as the stimulant diamonds. However, the cost of moissanite is much higher than the nexus and cubic zirconia diamonds.

14k-white-gold-diamond-engagement-ring-with-lab-created-cuhsion-sapphire 14k-white-gold-stud-ebay-ladies-earring bracelet-lab-created-diamonds lab-created-diamond-bezel-tennis-bracelet


Synthetic Diamonds

The synthetic diamonds are also the type of diamonds which are often used for the rings including the engagement rings. Of course, that is another point for the lab created diamonds vs real diamonds. The synthetic one is also often known as the diamonds which are obtained by creating and culturing it. That is why it has other popular names as like cultured or created diamond, CVD diamond, and even HPHT diamond. The chemical and physical characteristics to the real diamond are of course identical.

lab-created-diamonds-necklace-pictures sterling-silver-band-with-windsor-lab-created-diamonds round-lab-created-diamond-flower-cluster-stud-earrings lab-created-diamonds-bracelet


Comparing Synthetic Diamonds to Real Diamonds

Before deciding to choose the synthetic, stimulant or real diamonds, or in brief the lab created diamonds vs real diamonds, it is better to make the comparison. Comparing synthetic diamonds to real diamonds will be really helpful for dealing with the right decision of the diamonds for your rings or other jewelries. Actually they are completely similar or identical but of course the price is different. The most expensive synthetic diamond is still much lower than the real one, excepts the colorless one which is flawless might have the similar cost to the real one. For the price, the synthetic diamond still has the higher price to the stimulant diamonds.


Synthetic Diamonds

lab-created-diamonds-ideas lab-created-diamonds-necklace-ideas


Real Diamonds

diamond-round-shape-ring-rb-14k-white-gold natural-diamond-two-line-tennis-necklace


Comparing Simulant Diamonds to Real Diamonds

Regarding to decide the ring with lab created diamonds vs real diamonds, we also need to compare the real diamonds to the stimulant ones.Comparing simulant diamonds to real diamonds can be very helpful as the consideration as well; one of the comparisons is on the hardness. The stimulant diamond is softer than the stimulant diamond. The fire and brilliance of stimulant diamonds are not that similar to the real one. The good point of stimulant diamonds is once again on its price which is really lower. The biggest con regarding to the stimulant diamond is about the great difference on the fire and also brilliance to the real one.


Simulant Diamonds

diamond-ball-earrings-6ct-round-cut-lab-created lab-created-diamonds-images


Real Diamonds

18k-yellow-gold-dangle-earrings round-brilliant-diamond-ring

Shopping Tips for Man Made Diamonds

There are some shopping tips for man made diamonds if you are interested in choosing the ring with such the man made diamonds. Before you go to buy it, you can simply make sure whether the company or store provides the warranty or guarantee, for example for the risk of lost and even damage. Even though you are going to buy the synthetic diamond which has the exactly similar characteristic, just like buying the real diamonds, you should also get the certificate. The certificate is from the laboratory which has been reputable as like GIA. Then, it is better to choose the rings with the good quality metal, for example palladium, platinum, and 18k gold.

necklace-with-lab-created-diamond-petals-pearl-pendant princess-cut-lab-created-diamond-tennis-bracelet



Deciding to choose the rings with whether the lab created diamonds vs real diamonds is such a confusing thing to notice. We need to know that there are some types of the lab created diamonds. The synthetic diamond offers the totally identical look and characters to the real ones. Then, the price is also much lower compared to the real one. Still, if you have been decided to use the synthetic one for your ring, be selective and smart on buying it.


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