Man-Made Diamond That May Attract You More: What is Zirconia?

Diamond is women’s best friend! Diamond is one of the popular yet pretty expensive crystals for jewelry. The smooth and pointed shiny shape of diamond attracts many people to have it as decoration at home or for jewelry. Even though it’s a little bit pricy, people who adore it will never complain about it.

But don’t you know that there is a similar crystal like diamond that will attract you more? It’s called as zirconia. Many people including you may not familiar with this crystal. Some of you may raise a question, ‘what is zirconia?’ Zirconia has a complete name called as cubic zirconia or it is also known as CZ. It has similar look with diamond since it is crystal clear and elegant. But, it is not coming from the earth. It is a man-made or a synthesized material which is flawless, colorless and hard.

In today’s article, you’ll find out the difference between what is zirconia and diamond. If you are looking for the alternative for diamond which is less expensive, zirconia will be your answer. But, before you buy stuffs made from this, let’s take a look what’s the difference between diamond and zirconia first.


What is zirconia? What are the differences from diamond?

Talking about what zirconia is, it is a man-made material that looks like diamond. It’s such an alternative for an affordable kind of diamond. It can be made from any colors you want. It is also durability. The differences between zirconia and the real diamond are the weigh and rigs. Simulant of zirconia is not as hard as the real diamond and it becomes cloudy and scratched. It is because the softer part and the stone of zirconia itself usually absorb oil. Its simulant will weigh more than the real diamond. But the weigh difference is just a little bit. You can’t even distinguish which one is zirconia and which one is diamond by feeling the weigh. Beside that the ring of zirconia made from large carat. It is different with diamond that has smaller ring. The physical properties between zirconia and diamond are also quite different.

Diamond is much more expensive than zirconia. The density of zirconia is 1.7 times denser than the real diamond. Talking about refractive index, zirconia has an index of 2.15-2.18 meanwhile diamond’s refractive index is 2.42. Diamond is also cut in a different way than zirconia gemstone.


cubic-zirconia-rings-gold silver-swarovski-zirconia-necklace


What is zirconia? How it is made?

Zirconia crystal is made by quite complicated process. First, you melt from zirconium dioxide and powdered zirconium together. And then, heat them up to 4,983 ºF. Zirconia is pure man-made crystal. It is also free from inclusion and also it is such a perfect stone.




What is zirconia? How much is the price?

It is certain that zirconia is less expensive than the real diamond. But, today zirconia has been becoming high quality stone and the price is way up. If you want to know the price of zirconia, you must know how much carat inside of it.

The higher carat in it, the higher the price will be. Even though zirconia is cheaper that diamond, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be expensive. To distinguish between high quality zirconia and not, it needs jeweler’s magnifier. If you want to buy jewelry made of zirconia, make sure you go to trusted jewel shop so you will not be disappointed about the quality.




What is zirconia? Is there any colored zirconia?

Zirconia can be comes in many different colors. It aims to simulate the different colors of the real diamond. The colors applied in zirconia are created by using many oxides through the process.


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