Marquise Diamond Settings for Engagement Ring

So you got your diamond to be use for your engagement ring, but you still unsure what kind of shape you need it to be, how about trying the marquise diamond settings? This setting is one of the most popular shape requested by many people, it have many fans all around the world for one simple reason; the cut and shape makes your precocious diamond to looks bigger than what it actually is. Of course that is not the only reason why the shape is popular, the shape itself is unique and this kind of shape was originally made for a king in the 18th century.
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Marquise Diamond Settings Jewelry

Although it was first originally made for a king, as of today, you can still get diamond jewelry that is on the shape of marquise settings and quite easily too as this kind of cut is very popular like stated above. To describe it simple, the marquise cut has elongated body, the top and bottom of the gem will be longer and the body is thin, it resembles a boat; so do not get confused if someone asked if your ring has little boat shape; it is also known as Navette.

Marquise Diamond Ring Settings


Marquise Diamond Settings Sideways

Of course, being thin and elongated, the marquise diamond setting can be placed either horizontally or vertically. There are different reasons on why people like their diamond placed sideways, with the sideways shape, it make the diamond look a lot wider than it should be and it also eats a lot portion of the rings, making it looks like your ring is made from mostly diamond. Although in the end, it is all depend on the taste of the wearer.

Marquise Diamond Settings Sideways


Marquise Diamond Settings Horizontal

There are other reasons on why people prefer horizontal shape for their marquise diamond setting. One is that it will make it looks like your finger is longer, and the second one is to avoid getting hurt. What? How it going to hurt you? Remember that most of the marquise settings have pointy shaped top, with the vertical shape, the top and the bottom of the rings; plus its diamond, have enough capability to accidentally cut your finger.

horizontal Marquise Diamond Ring Settings Marquise Diamond Settings Horizontal


Marquise Diamond Settings with Side Stones

For those of you who wanted a much more special marquise shaped engagement ring, you can always add more jewels than just the one diamond, this will make the rings a lot of sparking and shiny, but it have some negative effects as well. The first one is the obvious one; it is very expensive thus it will hurt your wallet. The second one is a little bit situational, but if you overdo your marquise diamond settings with a lot of different gemstones; it will ultimately make it worse.

Marquise Diamond Settings with Side Stones Pictures Marquise Diamond Settings with Side Stones


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