May Birthstone Color: The Precious Emerald

Your questions about the May birthstone color will be answered in this article. You were born in May to have birthstones called Emerald. Emerald is known as birthstones in May as Emerald has a sweet green color in spring. If you wear these stones, then you will be loved by many people. You will also get a lot of happiness.

Emerald is very modern birthstone in the UK, India, and the United States. Emerald is also the traditional stone for stone birth in May. In the old calendar of the Russian state, Arabic, and Polish, you can find this stone. Prior to this stone into the ancient calendar, Emerald is a stone for the zodiac Taurus. This stone is also used as a talisman for the Zodiac Gemini. Most of the zodiac was born in May.

Emerald has a green color of a wide variety of beryl. Beryl in blue is called the Aquamarine. Beryl with a yellow color is called Heliodor. Birthstone for the month of May is one of the most expensive gems in the world. Emerald has entered into the list of modern precious stones. Many people believe that this stone could bring prosperity and happiness.


Why is The May Birthstone Color So Important?

Color birthstones associated with quality, rarity and value of the gemstone. You should consider the color of the birthstone when buying jewelry because there is jewelry that consists of semi-precious and precious gemstones. You cannot go wrong choosing this jewelry because jewelry you will wear on your body. Precious gemstones are able to radiate true beauty from your body.


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Information and Facts about May Birthstone Color

You should read the information and important facts about the color of the birthstone for the month of May as follows:

  • Gemstone is called with Emerald
  • Birth color is green
  • Zodiac in May is Taurus
  • Taurus born on April 21 until May 20
  • The gemstone has a green color because of their exposure to natural radiation on earth the uranium ore.


Meaning and Symbolism of May Birthstone Color

Every individual who is born in the world would have certain traits. It is the same with Emerald also have special properties. Colors in the birth stone have a meaning that represents an event that happened in history, there are many dates associated with the stone, and the significance of the Bible. Green has a very symbolic meaning in Christianity. From ancient times, healers and sages believed that gemstones such as Emerald turned out to have mystical powers. This power is the energy of the planet from each gemstone in the world. This stone is able to heal emotionally and physically.

In addition, the gemstones also affect your well-being. Gemstones are also associated with birth month called birthstone and zodiac signs. Meanings and symbols contained in green are the renewal of nature and life. The green color also has the meaning of the Bible. Green is the color of the Christian season of Epiphany.


May Birthstone Color: Saturation, Hue, and Tone

Birth of the color can be determined by structural defects or impurities that cause the selective absorption of certain wavelengths of light, called on the body color of a gemstone. Colors in the gemstone have three components.

Hue is the first impression that is visible from the green. The tone is dark or light starting from mild to darkest colors. Saturation is the intensity of the color of the gemstone is viewed from dull, strong to vivid.


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Insurance of May Birthstone Color

Maybe a home insurance policy does not cover insurance for wedding rings, engagement rings, birthstone, and your jewelry. The home insurance policy does include compensation for jewelry theft, but not for any other reason. The home insurance policy will pay you up to $ 1,000 when your jewelry is stolen by robbers. You must use a special insurance for jewelry.


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