Meaningful Jewelry: The Blue Topaz Meaning

The blue topaz meaning is more than just a beauty. As the most popular gemstone today, topaz is not only beautiful, it is also meaningful. From the beginning of its popularity. The shinning blue color of the gemstone would get our mind with more imaginations.

The ancient believes that blue topaz holds some mystical meaning. Even though today most people love topaz for the beautiful color blue instead of the meaning, it does not mean nobody care about the meaning. The natural color of this gemstone naturally reflects nature and peace. In addition, the gemstone is also hard and beautiful. It is just a perfect stone for jewelry.

If you are planning on buying a blue topaz jewelry, especially for an engagement or wedding ring, you should really understand the meaning of the gemstone. Then, you can start looking for the best design for the perfect jewelry. There is no girl in the world would resist to a perfect engagement ring.


Shinny Gemstone: the Beautiful Color Blue

Before talking about the meaning of the gemstone, we first have to know more about the beautiful color blue that would always be impressive. In general there are three different shades of the blue topaz color. You can easily find, the pale blue that looks like sky, cool Swiss blue, and the last is the deep London blue.

All blue colors are shinny and sparkling. Most people associate the color to the sky and water. The pale blue topaz is even associated to the wind. Traditionally, the blue color is also believed as the color that reflects the natural peace such as the icy blue topaz.

silver-and-blue-topaz-rings london-blue-topaz-stone-bracelet-bangle-set large-blue-topaz-diamonds-pendent diamond-blue-topaz-filigree-oval-necklace


A symbol of Calming and Peace

Since topaz always has blue color, it is always associated to some mysterious meaning. In general, the blue topaz symbolize understanding, inspiration, and peaceful relationship. At the same time, a blue topaz is also defined as A symbol of Calming and Peace.

The blue and shinny color reflects balance and relaxing harmony. In the past, topaz is used to heal feeling and calming nerve. A lot of people also believe that blue topaz is abopaz le to protect human against nightmares and fears. In some ancient civilizations, topaz is believed to have cooling power. This gemstone was used to help relieving burns and calming people’s spirits.

blue-topaz-1-41ct-diamond-chandelier-earrings blue-topaz-3-20ct-sapphire-18k-yellow-gold-ring large-blue-topaz-diamonds-pendent-matching-earrings


Concentration and Communication

How exactly blue topaz is related to Concentration and Communication? It is an ancient belief that believes the blue color of topaz has a mental powers. The gemstone is believed to help our mind to be focus and calm.

A lot of people even believe that blue topaz is able to change our imaginations and perspective for it has mysterious power. The Vedic Astrology, one of Hindi beliefs, even uses topaz specifically to help spiritualists to concentrate and focus during the mediation.

blue-topaz-bracelet-large-stone blue-topaz-3-50ct-pave-set-diamond-cocktail-ring earrings-natural-blue-topaz-18k-gold multi-stone-necklace-bracelet-set-citrine-blue-topaz


The Jewel of Love and Loyalty

Not only has some mysterious and peaceful power, topaz has also been known since it is the jewel of love and loyalty. Topaz has always been associated to honesty and the clarity of feeling. Some people also believe that it is also a symbol of emotional attachment.

Therefore, topaz is a perfect gemstone to represents romance and friendship. A lot of people decide to have blue topaz as a wedding or engagement ring. Topaz pendant is also a great idea for your best friends or family.

blue-topaz-pendant-and-earrings blue-topaz-stargazer-ring london-blue-topaz-necklace-with-diamonds blue-topaz-amethyst-citrine-diamond


Special Occasions and Significance

For topaz holds special meaning, it is also associated to special occasions and significance. Most people believe blue topaz is a symbol for babies who are born in December. In December the nature is cold but it has clear look and sparkling snow just like blue topaz.

Most people would also love to have blue topaz for the 4th and 19th of marriage anniversaries. There are various kind jewelry that would perfectly go with blue topaz such as ring, pendant, and even earrings.

blue-topaz-14k-white-gold-necklace blue-topaz-18k-gold-earring blue-topaz-18kt-yellow-gold-halo-princess-diana-ring

The bottom line is, blue topaz is not only a kind of beautiful gemstone. The blue topaz meaning has always been the most important part of this gemstone. It comes with beautiful meaning of peace, focus, love, and loyalty. Therefore, a lot people would love to have blue topaz for special occasions in life.



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