Most Expensive Engagement Rings of the World -Part II

There can be so many rings with beautiful design and expensive gemstone which are offered for women but it is sure that women will only cherish one ring, the engagement ring. It becomes the proof of love from someone they love the most. The meaning behind the engagement ring must be the reason why women cherish it very much but it seems like there is kind of belief that the meaning of the ring depends on its price. There are the Most Expensive Engagement Rings which can be found.

When choosing the engagement ring, there are various options which can be found. People can choose the engagement ring with certain size, price, and of course shape. The most expensive ring for engagement can be found from the celebrities.
Elizabeth Taylor $8.8 million and Beyoncé $5 million got the first and second place. Some other celebrities follows the list including Paris Hilton $4.7 million, Grace Kelly $4.06 million, and Jennifer Lopez $4 million.


Elizabeth Taylor $8.8 Million

If people have question about the engagement ring which comes with the most expensive price, it must be Elizabeth Taylor $8.8 millionengagement ring. The 33.19 carat diamond ring was given by Richard Burton. The diamond is type IIa and it is certified. It comes with high clarity and pure in chemical aspect. The ring has Asscher cut diamond with facet which has large cutlet.

Most Expensive Engagement Rings : Elizabeth Taylor $8.8 million


Beyoncé $5 Million

Many people think that Beyonce got the engagement ring with the most expensive price but it comes at the second place. Jay Z gave her engagement ring which comes with 18 carat diamond which is flawless. It has octagon cut while the metal for the ring is platinum. Beyoncé $5 million engagement ring has been certified so there is no doubt that the stone comes with exceptional and premium quality.

Most Expensive Engagement Rings : Beyoncé $5 million


Paris Hilton $4.7 Million

There is no surprise that celebrity like Paris Hilton received the engagement ring which comes with expensive price. Paris Hilton $4.7 million engagement ring was successful to grab the third place of the most expensive engagement ring list. It was said that the ring given by Paris Latsis was big. It made her hand hurt when wearing it. White gold with 24 karat becomes the material for the ring and it becomes the base for the diamond with rectangular shape. The diamond was set in the center area and it was accompanied by two baguettes diamond with triangular shape. The ring was auctioned after the broke up of the couple for helping the Katrina victims.

Most Expensive Engagement Rings - Paris Hilton $4.7 million


Grace Kelly $4.06 Million

Grace Kelly became inspiration for many women all around the world from years ago until today. Her wedding surely becomes one of the most elegant and memorable wedding which people still knows until today. Of course people must not forget about her engagement ring. Grace Kelly $4.06 million engagement ring is surely beautiful because it comes with diamond which has 10.47 karat. The diamond comes with emerald cut which is classic yet very beautiful. The main diamond was set in the center between two diamonds which have baguette shape. The engagement ring was given by Prince Rainier who bought it from Cartier.

Most Expensive Engagement Rings- Grace Kelly $4.06 million


Jennifer Lopez $4 Million

From her previous husband, Marc Anthony, Jennifer got the engagement ring which becomes one of the most expensive one in the world. It can be the proof that Anthony does good work for designing men’s wear and he also does great when choosing the engagement ring with beautiful look. Jennifer Lopez $4 million engagement ring comes with 8.5 carat diamond. It is not just common diamond after all because it is blue diamond which makes its price rise. The ring was designed by Neil Lane. This can be one of the most beautiful ring which can be found so she still keep it as treasured jewelry collection although the couple are no longer married.

Most Expensive Engagement Rings - Jennifer Lopez $4 million



Celebrities surely have the lifestyle which makes them able to get the best engagement ring with the most expensive price. The Most Expensive Engagement Rings can be found from some aspects. It is not only about the owners who are celebrities of course. It is more about the diamond which comes with high carat and beautiful color. People must not forget about the cut and combination of the diamond. The metal material which is expensive becomes another reason why those engagement rings can be considered as the engagement rings with the most expensive price in the world.


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