November Birthstone Color and the Meaning

Before you find to know about the November birthstone color, you should know first about the reason of why the birthstone color is important. The color of the gemstone is commonly associated to value, rarity and also quality of the gemstone. You need to consider about how important the birthstone color is before purchasing a jewelry piece with certain gemstone in precious or semi-precious type.


Facts and Information about the Birthstone Color for November

There are some facts and information that you should know about November birthstone color, such as:

  • The gemstone for November month of birth is Topaz
  • The color of the gemstone: Yellow
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • The birth of date: October 24 – November 22
  • Actually, the pure type of Topaz is colorless. However, the gemstone also occurs in various colors such as blue, yellow, pink, green, gold, peach, brown and red.
  • The yellow color in Topaz is gotten from the Nitrogen element inside the gemstone that changes the gemstones conductivity.


The Symbolism and Meaning of November Birthstone Color

The specific color of birthstone like Topaz also provides special attributes. The November birthstone color meaning are symbolized by the related events happened in history that were date back and related to biblical colors meanings. In Christian belief, Yellow color of Topaz is very symbolic. In the ancient times, the healers and wise men believed that the gemstones and jewelry consisting topaz provide mystical powers and could become energy conductor from the ruling planets that were associated to the gemstones. As the result, it could give healing powers and emotional wellness.

Gemstones and the attributes were associated to the Zodiac or month of birth signs as well as belonged to birthstones. The symbolism and meaning of November birthstone color are: The yellow color has a symbolic meaning as hope and renewal. For Christians, yellow is the best color to celebrate Easter besides white color.


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November Birthstone Color- Hue, Saturation and Tone

The colors of birthstone are defined by the structural weaknesses or impurities that can become a factor for the coloration and also the selective absorption of gemstones to certain light wavelength that is also called body color. There are three components consisted in gemstones colors, such as:

  • The Yellow color in the first impression that is called Hue
  • The darkness or lightness of color that ranges from light to medium to dark, which is called Tone.
  • The gemstone color intensity that is measured from dull to strong to vivid, which is called saturation.


What is the November birthstone color of Topaz?

Topaz November birthstone color is actually ranged in kinds of colors such as blues, pinks, purples, and reddish orange and brown. The most prized color is the Imperial Topaz that has rich tone of orange and pink undertones. The most commonly found Topaz in the market today is blue Topaz because this color is the easiest one to enhance. The blue topaz was the rarest type before. To care of topaz, you can clean the gemstone with warm soapy water. Avoid extreme heat near the gemstone to prevent some cracks or fractures.


The History of November Birthstone Topaz

In the ancient Greek, Topaz was believed could give strength. The name came from Russia because the gemstone was firstly found in Ural Mountains in the country. Many years ago, topaz was worn by Indian people on their necks so that they could be sure to have better energy, intelligence, longevity as well as healing.


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The Healing Powers of Topaz November Birthstone

By wearing topaz, many people believe that the November birthstone color and energy could bring balanced emotions because the irritability and poor moods are counteracting. Besides, it also could protect the wearer against sickness, injury and even death.


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