Old European Cut Diamond: The Most Luxurious Cut Diamond

The old European cut diamond became popular in the past until the twentieth century. In 1920, the modern round cut was developed and replaced the old European as standard round diamond cuts. European cut can be said to be much older than the modern round cut. Diamonds are cut with this technique has a unique shape. This piece follows the outline of the rough diamond and reduces waste.
Usually, stones are cut to make the carat weight becomes more than the maximum brilliance. Old European cut has certain characteristics. Diamonds have a round shape when viewed from above.

Diamonds have a pointed tip at the bottom and an open culet. In terms of the bottom are flat and not a sharp point. Currently, this piece much sought after by lovers of diamonds for more unique in comparison with modern cuts.


The Definition of Old European Cut Diamond

There are many pieces of antique diamond is very popular in the market. One of the most antique diamond cut is the old European cut. This piece is popular in the 19th and early 20th century. The easiest way to distinguish the two cuts is compared with the modern cut. Diamond parents do not have the perfectly round shape as a modern diamond. Old European cut has a large hole in the center of the diamond and a larger aspect. Antique diamond has the impression of an elegant, understated, and luminous.


unique-old-european-cut-diamond rose-cut-diamond-old-european


Characteristics of Old European Cut Diamond

The main reason that is differentiated between modern cut and old European cut is simple. Old European cut has a higher crown and smaller table than the modern diamond. One of the characteristics of this cut is culet. You can see that this cut creates an open culet. You can see that the cut creates a unique hole in the center of the diamond. Old European cut is made by hand. You will see that antique diamond was not formed with precision compared to modern diamond formed by advanced technology. Diamonds are cut with a European style is not symmetrical. This causes the old European is not developed.


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The Value of Old European Cut Diamond

Manufacturers prefer modern cut diamonds because brilliant diamonds have a higher number of carats compared with antique diamond. Antique diamond demand more and more so that many manufacturers that provides antique diamond. Old European cut will always be valuable and the price gap between modern and antique diamond diamonds have been reduced. Many people are beginning to appreciate the heritage of fancy diamonds.


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