Oval Cut Diamond Jewelry Trend

When you choose to buy a ring with diamond, then you will find that there are a lot of shapes to the diamond than you think and the oval cut diamond is one of the rarest one that you can see. It is very unfortunately that the oval shaped diamond is not really in the trend right now; or ever, it fall short to more popular princess shape or round shape diamond jewelry since long ago. Fortunately, it does not mean that the oval shape diamond jewelry is bad, it has a lot of good qualities on it, and we will inform you of those qualities.

3 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Ring Ideas


Oval Cut Diamond Meaning

Much like the other shapes for your diamond jewelry, there is a hidden meaning on oval shaped one and from the rarity of the shape, you will probably already figure out the meaning behind it. The meaning behind oval shaped diamond is that you are not afraid of risk and you have creative mind, you do not afraid of being unique and you always have the ability to think of something outside of the common sense.

Oval Cut Diamond Eternity Band Oval Rose Cut Diamond Ring


Oval Cut Diamond Pros and Cons

There are a lot of pros for an oval shaped diamond, first is that the diamond will look bigger than what it is then the sparkle, the oval shaped diamond shines very bright; it is as bright as the round shaped one. Then comes the cons, the oval shaped diamond jewelry is very rare; it is very difficult to find. To add more cons, the oval cut is not graded by the GIA so you need to get a skilled jeweler that knows how to work with oval shape diamond.

Oval Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

So, is it worth it to use oval shape for your diamond engagement ring? Although the answer for this question will largely dependent on your taste and preferences, but we believe it is very well worth it. As said before, the shape will make the diamond look bigger than it is, not to mention that it will make the finger of the wearer looks more slender, and it shines very bright as well, what more do you want from an awesome ring?

Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings


3 Stone Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Now that you set your mind on an oval shaped engagement ring, you need to think about the overall design, and for this one, we recommend the 3 stone oval cut shape. your ring will sparkles more than anything you’ve seen, not to mention that your ring will looks a lot bigger; the best trait for the oval cut diamond, although to get the 3 stone design, you will need to pay more money to buy those 3 diamonds.
3 Stone Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


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