Do you know Turquoise Stone Meaning for us?

Turquoise is one of the most common stones used as jewelry. It belongs to the most ancient gemstones that are used as amulets, jewelry, statues, adornments, trinkets, etc. since earlier than 5000 BC. The turquoise stone meaning is the main reason of why the greenish blue mineral rock is consistently used through the time. Many […]

The meaning and Uses of Ruby Gemstones

Ruby is one of the precious gemstones that is rare, high in price, and hard (belongs to the second hardest stone after diamond). The gemstone is red corundum, the rich red color is the result of chromium and aluminum oxide mineral. The name Ruby was taken from a Latin word; rubeus that means “red”. Ruby […]

What is Ruby Stone Meaning?

If you are searching for stone to be used in your jewelry, you are better to know about Ruby stone meaning. As we know that nowadays there are so many stones that can make jewelry more beautiful, but Ruby stone is a stone that should be considered. Ruby stone is not only a stone, but […]

All about Rose Quartz Meaning that You Have to Know

Rose Quartz is a popular crystal, so there are so many people who want to have it and want to know about Rose Quartz meaning. Actually, this crystal is so useful and also has great meaning. It can be a solution for you who want to get positive feeling. It is a type of crystal […]

The Many Uses of Clear Quartz Necklace

When you want to have beautiful and useful necklace, Clear Quartz necklace is a good choice for you. Nowadays, there are so many types of stone that becomes the trimmer of jewelry, such as Clear Quartz crystal. Not only good for jewelry, this stone has many benefits. Clear Quarts crystal is the most common crystal […]

Unique Garnet Stone Meaning that You Have to Know

Garnet stone is very popular in the world, so there are so many people who want to have it and want to know about Garnet stone meaning. Talking about Garnet stone, this stone is so unique to be explained. This stone has special appearance and looks so luxurious. The common color of Garnet stone is […]

Tiger Eye Bracelet as a Healthy Jewelry

A Tiger Eye Bracelet has been known as a jewelry that is suggested to be worn to improve someone’s health and their ability to focus and concentrate during such kind of a meditation. Some people would also wear tiger eye as different kind of jewelry besides bracelet. Different from the other stones that are used […]

Green Quartz Meaning for Health

The Green Quartz Meaning for health and as well as for a jewel can be very interesting. This kind of crystal has been believed as a powerful crystal that helps healing illness and improving someone’s mental conditions. At the same time, the green quartz also looks lovely and simple for a jewelry. The best characteristics […]

Rose Quartz Necklace: A Beautiful Goddess Jewelry

A Rose Quartz Necklace can be a perfect jewelry for any woman. A rose quartz is not only beautiful. It is also believed as a stone that holds some powerful energy. Different from the other stones that are mostly believed for its mystical and historical power, rose quartz is believe for its natural energy. There […]

Agate Stone Meaning: It is More than Gemstone

Agate is actually a mineral stone from Quartz family. Different from any other gemstone that is usually known by its single color or unique pattern, Agate is known for its color specks. Some of the Agate stones even have fossils inside. The Agate Stone Meaning comes from its look and from the place where the […]