Black Tourmaline Ring with Emotional Healing Energy

Ring is one of the most common types of jewelries that you can find on the market these days. Rings can be made of various choices of metal from gold to platinum. Rings also can use various types of gemstone as well. One of the types of gemstone that are used for ring is black […]

Aquamarine Stone Meaning That You Should Know

Wearing jewelries as accessories can make you look more attractive. There are various types of gemstones that are used in various types of jewelries these days. One of them is aquamarine. Aquamarine is considered as one of the most popular gemstones for jewelries these days. If you want to buy aquamarine jewelries, you might want […]

Amethyst Crystal Necklace for Violet Flame Healing

You can wear jewelries as accessories so that your appearance can look more attractive. There are various types of jewelries that you can find these days from rings, earrings, even to necklace. Jewelries are also made of various choices of gemstone as well. One of the most common types of gemstone that are used in […]

Meaningful Jewelry: The Blue Topaz Meaning

The blue topaz meaning is more than just a beauty. As the most popular gemstone today, topaz is not only beautiful, it is also meaningful. From the beginning of its popularity. The shinning blue color of the gemstone would get our mind with more imaginations. The ancient believes that blue topaz holds some mystical meaning. […]

Emerald Stone Meaning: Symbols and Beliefs

Emerald has been known as more than just jewelry, the Emerald Stone Meaning holds some myths and symbolize cultural beliefs since hundreds years ago. For any emerald lovers, knowing more about the meaning of this stones is a must. Some emeralds are even sold hundred times more expensive than its actually is because of its […]

All About Silver: What is 925 Silver

For jewelry collectors, silver jewelry must be part of your collection. But, What is 925 Silver? Or in more general question what is the exact difference between silver and any other high value metals? You should know about silver better. It would be very helpful for your collection to know more about silver. Knowing more […]

10k White Gold and the Important Things to Know about It

The 10k White Gold might be something interesting for anyone especially for the women who are always interested in collecting jewelries. That is a kind of low karat gold which is also that really interesting to be chosen because of several various reasons. Of course, one of the reasons is that the price which is […]

Best Fake Diamond Rings for the Best Appearance

Knowing about the best fake diamond rings will be a good idea before you are deciding to shop one. It is a good idea for you to learn much more first before shopping the rings or other jewelry with the fake diamond. So, you would not get disappointed on what you bought then. There are […]

Triangle Diamond Ring and What to Notice before Shopping

The beautiful triangle diamond ring can be such the beautiful thing which you can also choose for dealing with your special moment as well. That is the beautiful diamond which looks really unique yet really classic. That will also be great to be used or applied for the beautiful ring as well. That is the […]

The Difference of 14k and 18 Karat Gold Chain

Gold jewelry like gold chains are provided in different options on the market. It is not only about the different designs of the jewelry, but also the content of the pure gold inside the alloy. The different pure gold contents determine whether the gold chains will be 14 karat or 18 karat gold chain. Actually, […]