Gold VS Rose Gold, which One You Have to Choose

Most people are confused about the different between gold and rose gold. It seems that these two types of gold are difficult to differentiate. It seems difficult for the first time buyers but for gold expert, they know how to differentiate it. Before buying gold and rose gold, it is better for you to know […]

Tiger Eye Meaning from Time to Time and Its Benefits

Tiger eye is classified in the popular stone. It can’t be separated to the beautiful color and shape. Even, most gemstone lovers said that the name of the stone is strongly related to the real tiger. Tiger is a beautiful wild animal due to the color skin and its power. If you want to collect […]

How Can You Tell If Gold Is Real in Simple Way

How can you tell if gold is real is a common question especially for first time gold buyers. To answer this question, you have to understand that real gold it doesn’t mean that the jewelry is made of pure gold. Actually, the real gold means that the jewelry is using a real gold as well […]

Cubic Zirconia VS Diamonds, Which One is the Winner?

You need to know that cubic zirconia and diamond is two different types of stone. So, information about cubic zirconia vs diamonds is very important especially if you have a plan to buy jewelry for wedding or anniversary. It hopes that later, you can find inexpensive jewelry with diamond or cubic zirconia but you really […]

European Cut Diamond Compared with Modern and Contemporary Cut Diamond

There are several diamonds cutting methods available. One of them is European cut diamond. Actually, some people love to take old European cut diamond. In fact, this cutting method is very popular until twentieth century. European cut diamond also has important role in the appearance of modern round cut. The problem is that some people […]

Square Cut Diamond: The Most Popular Cut Diamond

Square cut diamond gained much popularity. This design started from a simple style to style complex. This is a pretty old-fashioned style. Square cut consist of several designs. The simplest design is the princess cut. This piece was developed in the 1960s. Diamonds are cut into square or rectangular shapes. This diamond ring with more […]

Various Choices of Light Green Gemstone

There are so many types of gemstone in the world. Every type has unique color, and so beautiful when it has formed to be jewelry. People also choose gemstone for their jewelry because gemstones are so beautiful, elegant and look so perfect. They may also choose gemstone based on its color, for example light green […]

How Are Chocolate Diamonds Made? Knowing the Rare Brown Diamonds

How are chocolate diamonds made? Perhaps you are curious about chocolate diamonds. In the new millennium, a CEO and designers see that diamonds are natural diamonds are rare. Brown diamonds obtained from the Argyle mine in Australia. With pink diamond has been recognized by the world so that diamond prices have reached seven and six […]

Discover the Beauty of Ice in Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz crystal is a type of crystal that is most prevalent in the world. This stone colors starting from clear, cloudy and opaque. These crystals can improve the strength of other crystals. This is called the quartz crystal. These crystals have a variety of configurations and shapes. Most of these crystals have a hexagonal […]

Knowing the Differences Between 10K, 14K and 18K Gold

Perhaps you are confused about the 10K, 14K and 18K gold when you want to buy a gold ring. K stands for karat which is used for measuring the purity of gold. You do not need to be confused when he saw rust written with c because it is a measure of weight for diamonds. […]