How Much Is 14k Gold Worth? Learn How to Determine It

How much is 14k gold worth? Actually, the price of gold is always updated and does not have a fixed price for gold prices could change. There are websites that provide changes in the price of gold every 30 minutes. If you want to know the price of gold you have, then you can search […]

Sky Blue Topaz—The Beautiful Gem to Heal Emotional Problems

Have you ever seen sky blue topaz? Nowadays, we can see so many beautiful gemstones in jewelry store, some of gemstones may attract us with its color and appearance. When you have a plan to buy a gemstone, sky blue topaz may become your good choice. Sky blue topaz looks so beautiful with its color. […]

Rose Quartz Heart—Lovely Quartz to Keep Relationship

Have you ever seen rose quartz heart? If so, what do you think about it? It is so beautiful, isn’t it? Crystal with rose color looks so beautiful,moreover if it is used for jewelry. Not only good for jewelry, rose quartz heart can be used for many things. Talking about quartz, there are so many […]

Top 15 Famous Jewelry Designers around the World

There are many jewelry designers which can be found in many countries, but not all of these designers can be recommended. There are some famous jewelry designers are able to create beautiful and elegant jewelry. Most of the usual designers are traditional jewelry maker, but there are designers who use advanced technology to make jewelry. […]

Various Kinds of Garnet Birthstone to Collect

Garnet Birthstone, one of the greatest and most valuable gemstone commonly collected by people who love jewelry is a group of hard minerals similar to glass. The word garnet comes from the Greek word Granatum meaning pomegranate seed that also reflects the shape and the color of the crystals. This kind of gemstone is used […]

Topaz Birthstone to Boost Positive Feeling of Virgo Astrological Sign

Are you Scorpion and you wants to find new jewelry for your marriage or anniversary? If it is so, just try to take Topaz birthstone as the option. It is good for you to take this gemstone because Topaz has strong correlation with people who born in October 24th up to November 22nd. If you […]

Turquoise Birthstone for Healthier and Happier Life

Turquoise birthstone is a unique gemstone. The uniqueness is on its blue spots around the stone. The original name of Turquoise is Turkoish or Turkish. In fact, the name of this gemstone is the same with the original place of this gemstone, Turkish. The spots in the Turquoise birthstone are caused by the cooper aluminum […]

Sapphire Birthstone Positive Energy

Some people tend to buy jewelry or gemstone by checking their astrological sign first. For example, if your astrological sign is Virgo, it means you have to choose Sapphire birthstone when you want to buy jewelry. This is because Sapphire is the stone of September. So, just consider this gemstone if you are born around […]

Ruby Birthstone to Boost Your Daily Life

Ruby birthstone is popular because of its color. The light red color looks charming for people who wear it. This stone is also interesting to see because of its shape. You will see a hexagonal diamond if you see ruby birthstone. If it is about the hardness of the stone, Ruby is considered as the […]

Peridot Birthstone for Boosting the Quality of Life

Peridot birthstone is considered as a special birthstone. The first reason is because of the color. Interestingly, Peridots only have one color which is light green color. What makes this gemstone different is only on the deep of the color. The deep of the color is determined by the level of iron within the peridots. […]