All the Things You Have to Know About March Birthstone Color

Have you known about your birthstone? For you who were born in March, you have to know about March birthstone color. Actually, every people has different birthstone color. And for people who were born in March, their birthstone color is blue, and it is found in Aquamarine gemstone. Aquamarine is a gemstone that is so […]

February Birthstone Color for You to Get the Royalty Look

There are wide ranges of ideas which might come to you regarding to the gemstone. If you plan to purchase a luxury gemstone, which of course has the high price, it is better to consider your birthstone, as like the February birthstone for you who were born in February. Still, you also need to consider […]

January Birthstone Color to Know for the Better Goodness

The January birthstone color is something essential to know especially if you are completely in love to get the right choice of the stone and of course if you were born in January. That is such a good thing because actually the color of the birthstone is really essential. That is because it will be […]

Having Positive Energy with Various Colors of Opal Birthstone

Opal Birthstone is a kind of valuable and great gemstone to collect. The word opal is derived from the Greek word Opalus that means a stone. There are four types of this valuable Opal gemstone. They are Black, Boulder, Crystal, and Milk or White. The crystal structure of this valuable and beautiful Opal gemstone is […]

Valuable Emerald Birthstone for Your Loved One

Emerald Birthstone is a kind of valuable gemstone with green color. Pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings with Emerald gemstones believed to get energies from Venus Planet have been commonly used as gifts since thousand years ago. The word emerald is from the Greek word Smaragdos that means a green […]

Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry for Your Loved One

Aquamarine Birthstone jewelry is something valuable usually collected by people especially women, who love or collect it for the sake of investment. People normally wear it on their hands, fingers, head, ears, neck, feet, and body. Most of it is made from metals such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel. Out of five, […]

All about Diamond Birthstone in a Nutshell

Diamond birthstone is one of the most valuable gemstones loved by almost everybody, especially women. Since diamond is very beautiful and expensive people collect it. You know that the word diamond actually comes from the Greek word Adamas means hardest metal, right? This gemstone coming from Carbon family is considered valuable for its prismatic colors […]

Amethyst Birthstone for Marriage Gemstone

Before starting your marriage, you have to find the best gemstone. For your reference, you can just take Amethyst birthstone. It is good to take this type of birthstone if you are Aquarius or born around January 21 up to February 19. The best part of this gemstone is on its color which represents the […]

Virgo Birthstone for Personal Life, Health, and Surrounding

People who born on August 24 up to September 23 influenced by Virgo. Virgo is considered as astrological sign which symbolized by the virgin. As a person Virgo astrological sign, you are also supported by specific gemstone. The main gemstone option for Virgo is sapphire. Actually, the zodiac which you have is not only for […]

Taurus Birthstone to Boost Personality and Health

One of astrological signs is Taurus. Astrological sign of Taurus is defined from those who are born around April 21 up to May 20. Astrological sign is also related to the birthstone. Each of astrological sign has its one birthstone. For example, Taurus birthstone is emerald. This stone is beautiful and shining along with light […]