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Looking for a unique ring? Maybe you want it as a gift for someone you hold dear? Or you are looking for your engagement ring? There are a lot of choices that you can take, as there are a lot of different kinds of rings out there, but if you want something that is super rare and very valuable then you should take a look at the Paraiba Tourmaline ring. The Paraiba Tourmaline is one of the rarest gemstone ever found, how rare is this gem, you ask? Well, this gemstone worth $5,000 per carat at the minimum and the gemstone itself are even rarer than the precious diamond.

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Paraiba Tourmaline Ring History

There was once a miner who believed that he will be able to find a precious gemstone around the hills of Paraiba. For years he tried to mine there but to no avail, he did not give up and after five years, his hard work pays off, he found the Paraiba Tourmaline; the first of its kind. As you can see, the name is taken from the place where the crystal was first unearthed, but there are more places where this gem can now be mined; Nigeria and Mozambique are the major ones.

Paraiba Tourmaline Ring History


Paraiba Tourmaline Ring Specification

The Paraiba Tourmaline has blue colored shine that is both brilliant and sparkling; it is thanks to the copper oxide that it has that blue color. The Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil are very small in size; mostly just one carat or smaller, but those which are mined from Africa are much bigger. Expert says that there is a chance that people might be able to find 50 carat Paraiba Tourmaline in Africa but not in Brazil.

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Paraiba Tourmaline Ring Rare

And as said above, the gemstone is super rare; you know that this gemstone will be very valuable when it is rarer than the diamond. If you cannot picture just how rare this gemstone really is, here is a simple comparison: for every 10,000 diamonds mined, there is only 1 Paraiba Tourmaline. Adding to the fact that the original Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil is only available in small size, it is no wonder that the price of this particular gemstone is over the roof.

Paraiba tourmaline and Diamond Ring Paraiba Tourmaline Ring Rare


Paraiba Tourmaline Ring Meaning

Although the gemstone itself is pretty new; founded first on 1989, people already believe that there is hidden power inside this stone. The Paraiba Tourmaline grants the user the power of communication; the ability to express their emotions better; to balance the emotions; and also to release negative emotions. As you can see, the Paraiba Tourmaline ring is not only going to be very expensive, but this rare stone is also supposedly very powerful.

Paraiba Tourmaline Ring Meaning Paraiba Tourmaline Rings


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