Pisces birthstone: Characteristic and Meanings

The birthstone has been known from the past ago. The birthstone is representation from the 12 birth month and it has different characteristic and meanings. Pisces is astrological signs for birth in 19th February into 20th march. Pisces birthstone are aquamarine and it has alternative option for Amethyst, jasper, Ruby and Bloodstone. The astrological and birthstone use for personality guide, characteristic, relationship and business meet.

Pisces people are identifies as person that warm and hospitable person. The symbol of Pisces signs with two fish circled each other and connect with silver thread represent for the balance in Pisces person between the body and soul. This related with Aquamarine description in Middle Ages interpretation as this stone interpreted as harmony between mind and heart.

The Pisces birthstones are act for strength the Pisces character and lucky. In general, it support to Pisces natural interest into spiritual and metaphysical. The Pisces has influenced by planet Jupiter, Neptune and Moon and it has shape the Pisces character strength into body and soul balance, empathy, self denial and flexibility.


Pisces birthstone Personality Guide and Character

As zodiac who rule under Pisces, with water elements, Pisces with Aquamarine gemstone has unique character. Water elements are representation for identification, emotion and processes. When it has combines by others, it has turn into elements that influences, for example, boil the water when it combines with fire, evaporate when combines with air, and earth elements that will shape and connect it.

People with Pisces with these characteristic can be said they are hypersensitive. This is what we call with balance in body and mind. The positive traits from Pisces are posses with romantic, honest, affectionate, receptive, and generous. However, as it has positive traits, it also has negative traits in circumstances under aquamarine as paranoid person, fickle, passive, hypersensitive and prone into exaggerate.

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Pisces Birthstone Options: Aquamarine – Jasper – Amethyst – Bloodstone – Ruby

The main birthstone for Pisces birthstone is Aquamarine. But this birthstone also listed with Aquamarine for the Pisces. Amethyst, Jasper, Bloodstone and Ruby is alternative birthstone for Pisces. The birthstone in the past believed has its power and energies that bring the wearer with some lucky and positive energy.

Each of these stone has their characteristic and properties that help Pisces in build the personality and character. Jasper is birthstone that comes from Vedic calendar. The modern lucky stones for Pisces includes turquoise, ocean jasper, amber, lace agate, sunstone, fluorite, labradorite, , and rainbow moonstone.

Properties of Pisces Birthstones

Each stones are associated with characteristic and meanings that guide for the owner and people who under this birthstone. The stones below is meaning from the birthstone for Pisces.

  • Aquamarine: aquamarine associated with faithfulness, friendship, awareness, courage, quick response and ease communication problem. Aquamarine has lovely blue color that helps the wearer release any emotional baggage and encourages changing. This stone also known help wearer for develop intuition and spiritual contact. This stone has spiritual energy and the color related with Chakra in throat and heart. Aquamarine believed give wearer with foresight and clairvoyance and improves the intelligence.
  • Amethyst: Amethyst is stone that believed as assets for restful dreaming. It makes contact with realm spiritual that can use for higher level of physic development.
  • Bloodstone: Bloodstone is stone that associated with intuition power, enhance the creativity, and gain personal power. It has ability in create calm personality and assist into decision making.
  • Ruby: Ruby is talismanic birthstone for Pisces. The talismans believed as jewelry that bestows magical energy to the wearer. Ruby is believed stimulate wisdom for the wearer and help in build success relationship. The stone also help wearer able to live with their enemies in peace.

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Healing Properties from Pisces Birthstones

For years, people use birthstone and it is believed has healing properties. The healing property from the Pisces birthstones is varies and it believed can keep the Pisces health.

  • Aquamarine: aquamarine believed has healing properties for relieve anxiety, stress related illness healing, throat healing, bring youthful happiness, and boost courage.
  • Amethyst: help in reduce anxiety and stress, help in develop physic ability, settle harmony in body and mind.
  • Bloodstone: revitalize sleep by stimulate pleasant dream, healing problem with bloods, help healing in eyesight problem, kidney problem, and toxic elimination use.

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