Pokemon Wedding Ring Unique Ideas for Your Marriage

Yes, there is actually pokemon wedding ring, and yes, it was used by many people before. In fact these kinds of accessories are pretty popular right now. People can argue that pokemon is a franchise aimed for kids, but gaming is now on mainstream. Especially with the rise of mobile gaming, gaming is not only for geek anymore. Which is why, if you are a pokemon fan and you find your soul mate who is also a pokemon addict, what is better than using pokemon themed accessories for your wedding. And the best thing that you can get is the pokemon wedding ring.

If you never know these kind of things existed, you would be surprise on how good those accessories based on kids game actually looks like. Just for reference, although pokemon is mainly aimed at kids, it sells most on teenagers and adults. These accessories are well made, decorated with truly expensive diamonds and other valuable gems and jewels. They cost a lot of money and are comparable to other famous jewelry. Thus said, although it is pokemon themed weeding ring, the material is the same with other wedding ring. It is just the design which makes them unique and truly memorable.

Pokemon Wedding Ring


Pokemon Wedding Ring Set

Getting the pokemon wedding ring set will guarantee you to get a paired wedding ring, but it comes with a great price. There are various designs that you can choose, although most of them are the same but with different types of jewelry. Using a Pokeball themed wedding ring and shouting “I choose you” can prove to be a memorable event last a lifetime. If you have more money to spend, you can always ask for custom made pokemon wedding ring set with theme of your liking, but it will be more expensive.

Pokemon Wedding Ring Set Ideas Pokemon Wedding Ring Set


Pokemon Wedding Ring Box

To add more than just the pokemon themed wedding ring, you can also get a pokemon themed wedding ring box, complete with all those jewelry and gems decoration. The most common design of the pokemon wedding ring box is one shaped similar to a Pokeball. But if you want something more unique and personal, you can choose something else; for example, a box which resembles a pokemon egg.

Pokemon Wedding Ring Box Ideas


Pokemon Ball Wedding Ring

The Pokeball theme is not only popular to be used as the wedding ring box, but it is also widely used in the wedding ring itself. The Pokeball can be recognized easily and the coloring of the Pokeball is a perfect fit for your ruby and diamond wedding ring. If you do not want to use diamond or ruby, you probably already know that there is more Pokeball type with different coloring out there.

Pokemon Ball Wedding Ring Ideas


Pokemon Themed Wedding Ring

So, you want something more unique and personal, you want your favorite pokemon as the theme of your wedding ring? It can be done, although getting a Charizard can be difficult, it can be substituted with a fire symbol with “Charizard” carved on it, or spend some more money and get the actual Charizard wedding ring will be great.

Pokemon Themed Wedding Ring Ideas


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