Red; the Bright July Birthstone Color

If you are in search of July birthstone color, you can find some interesting information about the gemstone in this article, including;

  • The facts and information related to the birthstone color for July.
  • As well as the guidance to know about the birthstone color for July.


Why the color of Birthstone if Important?

The birthstone color can bring a meaning of rarity, quality as well as value of the gemstone. When you are going to purchase a jewelry piece, it is very important to consider the birthstone color; even it is a precious or semi-precious gemstones.


Some Facts and Information about July Birthstone Color

  • The gemstone for July month of birth is Ruby
  • July birthstone color is Red
  • The zodiac that is perfect to wear this gemstone is Cancer
  • The date of birth is within June 22 – July 22.
  • The gemstone ruby is available in a wide range of red shades and colors naturally, such as purplish, pinkish, brownish and orange red. The color difference is depending on the iron and chromium contents inside the stone.
  • The crystal lattice deficiencies during the gemstone formation is the factor that causes the red colors.

Ruby is modern July birthstone in United States and also Britain. In traditional life, this gemstone also has been used as July birthstone in the ancient Russian, Polish, old Hindu and Tibetan calendar. Ruby is made from red corundum mineral. Whilst the blue corundum mineral makes sapphires. It is a gemstone that has high value and belongs to 4 precious stones in modern day. Wearing rubies is believed to enhance strength and strengthen courage.


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The Symbolism and Meaning of July Birthstone Color

The specific birthstone colors like ruby also bring special attributes. The birthstone color meaning is commonly determined by the events happened in history that were associated with the gemstone. Most of the histories are related to the date and also the color’s biblical meanings. Based on the Christian believes, the red color is very symbolic. As one of the best gemstones, Ruby has mystical powers and could conduct energies; according to the healers and wise men. The energies come from the ruling planet that is associated with this gemstone. So, it affects the emotional and physical goodness as well as the healing powers. Every gemstone and the attribute are related to the zodiac signs or the month of birth that are also referred to birthstones.

The symbolism and also meaning of July birthstone color are such as;

The red’s symbolic meaning is fire and it is related to the importance and power- the color that stand out. Crimson also got the Biblical symbolic meaning as the God presence as well as the martyrs’ blood. Red is also the Christian liturgical color for Pentecost and it also symbolizes the humility and atonement.

Ruby gemstone also has healing powers that was in the ancient times used to fight the infectious diseases. Besides, the gemstone also could encourage the blood flow and also for fever treatment. Rubies were also used for the reason of vibrant red color. The color was believed as the color that looked like blood that flow through the veins as well holding the life power.




July Birthstone Color- Hue, Tone and Saturation

Impurities or the structural deficiency are the factors that determine the birthstone colors. It causes coloration and also the selective absorption of gemstones to certain light wavelengths named body color. There are three components consisted in the color, such as;

  • The first Red color impression called Hue.
  • The darkness or lightness of color that ranges from light – medium – dark, called Tone.
  • The gemstone color intensity in the measurement from dull – strong – vivid, called Saturation.

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