Right / Wrong: What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go On?

In the wedding, people will get tensed whenever someone asking the bride and the groom on what hand does the engagement ring go on?
It seems a simple question yet tricky answer should be given to the asker. Wondering lots of traditions command to put the engagement or wedding ring in the right place, you will have hard time deciding this situation.

In some tradition, wearing the engagement ring on the fourth finger on the right is the correct one. Then on the wedding, the ring will be changed and moved to the fourth finger on the left. So, do you follow this way? Or do you have another tradition?

Before you are nodding your head signs if you understand, you still need to know about the ring finger meaning, the wedding ring finger, the engagement ring finger, the answer of which finger do you wear your wedding ring on, and the promise ring finger.


Ring Finger Meaning

The tradition usually goes with some beautiful story behind it. And it happens also for the place for the engagement / wedding ring. The idea or image of having that ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is truly romantic but it is not true.

The ancient Romans only believed that humans have special connections of the veins from to heart. So maybe you often know that the vein of love is the ring finger meaning.On the left hand or the right hand, it depends on the tradition in every area. Don’t get confused too much about it. It does not matter for your marriage life.

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Wedding Ring Finger

Wedding ring is a sweet symbolic thing as the sign of eternal love the whole time history. Ring has a circle shape which it symbolizes eternity, no beginning and no end.However, most people only know about that. Actually the hole in the center of the ring also has meaning. It is not just space but like a door or gateway.

So, it means, whenever a woman is wearing a ring, it means immortal love. And if whenever a woman is taking away the ring through the hole, it means she loses the love she has and there is no immortal love anymore.

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Engagement Ring Finger

Engagement ring actually is happening or becoming trend just years ago. It is only the symbol before two people are going to get married. It is like a tie for them to focus on their wedding coming soon.

Some says that the engagement ring should less sparkling and simpler than the wedding ring in the future. It is because some traditions say that when two people are engaged, it does not mean they have already been as one as a partner in a marriage life. There is possibility for them to get separated.So the position of the engagement ring does not matter as long as it is really a special ring for reminding each other if they are engaged.

Engagement Ring Finger Ideas


Which Finger Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring On?

The simple way to say is that whenever you have an engagement ring before, you need to think where to swift it when the wedding ring will be sliding down.

Most of the sayings say that it is simpler when the engagement ring is on the right hand.And the tips are the problems of where to put the engagement and the wedding rings only happening when the D-day. After the wedding party, just wear as you like them best. You can wear only the wedding ring or you can wear both.

Engagement Ring Finger


Promise Ring Finger

Never know about the promise ring finger? Actually it goes to the 16th century where a ring used to be a symbol or a sign for a promise for the engagement. Nowadays people tend to think that the promise ring finger is a special ring for the couple who haven’t got engaged nor got married. They tend to like to commit in the ring.


However by wearing the promise ring can be meant that some people are not ready to commit seriously into marriage life. So, the most important thing is not getting confused by the thought where to put the promise, engagement or wedding ring. People will forget this problem and the left is only you and your couple at the end. Just remember, that the rings can be worn wherever you want and like.


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