Rose Quartz Necklace: A Beautiful Goddess Jewelry

A Rose Quartz Necklace can be a perfect jewelry for any woman. A rose quartz is not only beautiful. It is also believed as a stone that holds some powerful energy. Different from the other stones that are mostly believed for its mystical and historical power, rose quartz is believe for its natural energy.

There are various kind of jewelries that comes with rose quartz, but it is believed that a necklace with rose quartz is the best one. It is worn around the neck and the chest where the center of human life is placed.

To know more about the rose quartz, there are some important information we should get. It is usually begins with a question, “Where does it come from?”. Then we are looking for more details information about this pink and beautiful stone. After knowing the rose quartz as more than just a beautiful crystal with pink rose color, then we can decide the best rose quartz jewelry.


Where does it come from?

The crystal that has some pink color ranges from the super pale pink to rose pink color has been known as a pink crystal from India, Japan, Madagascar, Brazil and even in South Africa and Dakota, the USA. So, Where does it come from? It is quite difficult to decide whether there is any particular place in the world where the rose quartz is easy to find.

All types of the crystal are called rose quartz since there are only a few of the quartz configurations. Before it is sold in a form of crystal, the mineral is found as some massive forms that are transparent.

rose-quartz-necklace-photos rose-quartz-crystal-necklace rose-quartz-necklace-in-mixed-metal


Why would you use it?

Why would you use it? Is there any specific reason despite its beauty and color? Of course! Indeed rose quartz is quite well known as powerful stone. It resonance some frequency that is even able to affect a small room energy. This crystal is known as a loving-Goddess stone.

The crystal has certain energy that affects human chakra or the center of inner power. The chakra is related to almost all aspects such as health and psychological conditions. In some degree the crystal also affects a person happiness and sensuality. Thus, it is called love stone.

caged-rose-quartz cool-rose-quartz-necklace heart-chakra-opening-rose-quartz-necklace carved-rose-quartz-silver-necklace


Rose Quartz Healing Effect

The great power and energy of the crystal makes it also for the Rose Quartz Healing Effect. The healing effects of the crystal cover both the emotional and physical healing. The loving goddess power resonate certain energy that can lower tension and anxiety and touch the heart chakra to lower the blood pressure.

pink-rose-quartz-and-gold-chain rose-quartz-crystal-necklace-ideas silver-heart-rose-quartz-necklace-ideas

Th bottom line is, the rose quartz beauty holds more energy than what we have ever thought. It can be a great crystal to be worn as jewelry. The best jewelry is a Rose Quartz Necklace. The necklace is closed to the heart so the energy would affect the chakra in your heart better. It can be a great emotional therapy to lower tension and anxiety as well as to balance the blood pressure.


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