Sky Blue Topaz—The Beautiful Gem to Heal Emotional Problems

Have you ever seen sky blue topaz? Nowadays, we can see so many beautiful gemstones in jewelry store, some of gemstones may attract us with its color and appearance. When you have a plan to buy a gemstone, sky blue topaz may become your good choice.

Sky blue topaz looks so beautiful with its color. As we know that sky blue is beautiful color. Moreover when it is combined with jewelry, the jewelry will look so beautiful and so ready to complete our performance.

Not only looks so beautiful, people also believe that sky blue topaz has meanings and other things that relate to healing powers. If you want to know more about sky blue topaz, read the information below to know more about it.


The Beautiful Color Blue

What do you think when seeing something in blue color? Cool? Peace? Calm? Actually, sky blue topaz is believed to give positive energy for people who use it. Not only sky blue topaz, blue topaz also comes with various shade of colors, such as pale sky blue, deep London blue, and Swiss blue.
Blue color of topaz can evoke images of water, wind and sky. Then, it can help us reduce our negative emotion, make us feel quiet and can handle the problem without involve our negative emotion. So, no wonder if sky blue topaz is associated with understanding, learning, peaceful communication and creative inspiration.


Sterling Silver necklace with Sky-Blue Topaz and Rainbow Moonsto round-chequerboard-sky-blue-topaz silver-sky-blue-topaz-teardrop-earring


Blue Topaz—A Symbol of Peace and Calming

As we know that gemstones have healing powers. Sky blue topaz has healing powers too. People believe that blue color in topaz can give cooling powers to cure hurt feeling. Not only for curing hurt feeling, it is used for curing burns long time ago. Even people believe that sky blue topaz can avoid nightmare. The main point is, sky blue topaz relates to peaceful and calmness. So, it can be used for reducing negative feeling, hurt feelings and other uncomfortable feeling.


Concentration and Communication

Not only having healing power, sky blue topaz is believed to cure mental problems. Some problems can be solved by this stone too. In past time, people believed that sky blue topaz could increase their concentration, so it influenced their mind to be more creative and focus on the thing that should be done. There is also other function of blue topaz. People believe that blue topaz can increase communication skill, make them so easy to get an idea, express their opinion, and also deliver speech.


The Jewel of Love and Loyalty

Sky blue topaz commonly associated with love and loyalty. Blue topaz commonly used for keeping relationship to be romantic and eternal relationship. So, it can be used for couple who want to keep their relationship. If you are a man and give blue topaz jewelry to your couple, it means you hope your relationship with your couple will last longer. Blue topaz is also the symbol of honesty, deep emotional attachment and clarity of feeling.


blue-topaz-necklace-for-girlfriend blue-topaz-earrings sky-blue-topaz-rings


Special Occasion and Significance

For your information, blue topaz is the birthstone for December. So, for you who were born in December, you can have sky blue topaz jewelry to make you more beautiful and get many benefits from it. This stone is also used for the 4th and 19th marriage anniversary. Because it has symbol of calming and love, it is really recommended to be used for your jewelry to give you positive energy and heal your emotional problem.

Well, those are some information for you about sky blue topaz. Hopefully, the information above will be useful for you, especially for you who want to have useful gemstone for healing many emotional problems.


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