Some Designs of Double Piercing EarRings to Try

Double piercing Earrings designs are various for you. In this modern era, there are some ways to make you look cool and stylish. There are some people who try follow fashion trend to look fashionable in all times and all places.

Some other people like to go out from the trend and they like to create new trend. They hope they can become trendsetter for other people. When we talk about to look fashionable in front of other people, it means you need to care of your appearance. You need to wear best fashion and you need to wear accessories too that suitable with your style.

There are some accessories to wear. Jewelry becomes one of important accessories for women and maybe for men now. Wearing earring is common for all women but how about wearing double piercing for better look and look different from other people? You can try to wear some designs and styles of double piercing for your earrings here.


The Double Piercing

When you search in some sources, you can find so many designs of The Double Piercing for your earrings. Minimalist earring design usually will make you look cool. There are some shapes of earrings for double piercing that you can choose to wear.

Please make sure that you choose one that is suitable with your personality and of course suitable with event that you want to go. You should match it with best fashion style too.

Best Double Piercing Earring Images


The Tragus + Triple Lobe

The Tragus + Triple Lobe can be chosen too for all of you who think that double piercing is not enough for you. You better wear this tragus and also add triple lobe with so many designs of earrings. In order to match it each other, you can see at the mirror.

It is better for all of you to wear simple and not too big earring shape so you will not waste your ear area with all earrings only. You can also choose to match various shapes of earrings. It means when you need three earrings, you can wear three different earring designs too.

The Tragus + Triple Lobe Images


The Tragus + Triple Lobe The Tragus + Triple Lobe

The Tragus + Triple Lobe The Tragus + Triple Lobe is suitable for all of you who really like with glamour and spectacular appearance. People who like minimalist and simple design of earring will not choose this type of earring style.

There are some ideas to match the earrings to look better. It means it is possible for all of you to look better although you wear so many earrings on your ear. You can make your earring as a trend for other people and not make people think that you wear strange thing or strange style on your ear.

The Tragus + Triple Lobe


The Tragus + Quadruple Lobe

The Tragus + Quadruple Lobe with specific theme is great idea to do. When you wear your earrings, please make sure that you know what the meaning of what you wear. It is important so you can explain to other about your earring first.

You can choose some themes that related with your job, personality or maybe your favorite things.

The Tragus + Quadruple Lobe Pictures


The Single Helix

The Single Helix is a good choice for all of you who like one earring and in minimalist design. Actually there are some designs of single helix earring. You can also choose one that is suitable with your dress or your fashion. It should have a link between your earring and other things Single Helixthat you wear on your body.



The Double Forward Helix

The Double Forward Helix is a type of earring style that is suitable for all of you who want to look minimalist. Sometime people don’t realize that you wear this type of earring because there are some simple earring style but elegant that you can choose to wear.

You don’t need to worry because it is not a difficult task to get all designs of earrings for all types of piercing that you have.

Double Forward Helix Erarrings Photo

Looking as a trendsetter will need a little pain. Making double piercing sometime will make you get double pain too but it will worth it to try when you also combine it with best earring designs. That is why you better browse more ideas or you can choose one of some styles of earrings to wear for your piercing style. You can try double piercing Earrings that suitable with your style and of course suitable with overall look.


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