Libra Birthstone Jewelry for Your Health and Life

For those who are birth around September 24 up to October 23, it means your zodiac is Libra. In astrological aspect, zodiac is symbolized by a stone. For Libra, it means you are presented a Libra birthstone. People also believe that each astrological sign has its meaning for the life of human being. The design […]

Interesting Facts of Leo Birthstone

Leo birthstone has a fire sign. It is a sign of the lion and Hercules. People who have this sign have enormous appeal as an artist, entertainer, and businessman. Sun goes into this Zodiac on July 23 to August 23. You can see the constellation of stars that signify Leo. Seventy thousand stars can be […]

Personality and Properties of Gemini Birthstone

Gemini birthstone consists of a few stones, but the main stone is Pearl. All of it was in a sense. Perhaps the meaning of the stones can help you to decide the meaning that best suits your desire or sense the most memorable for you. You need a list of the birthstones associated with the […]

Capricorn Birthstone for December 22-January 20 Born

There are some aspects which people will consider when they are choosing the jewelry. Jewelry becomes very important support for enhancing the appearance. Involving the Capricorn birthstone for example will be great choice for Capricorn people who are looking for the right jewelry. It is true that different people can have different personality and the […]

Cancer Birthstone for June 22-July 22 Born

People can have different perspective as well as preference about many things including about astrological sign. Some people believe in every single thing about astrological sign. Some other people just want to believe about the good thing. There are also people who think that it is nonsense. However, it is pretty popular fact that many […]

Aries Birthstone for March 21-April 20 Born

When people are talking about gemstone, they will have kind of thought about precious things. It is true that gemstones are precious. However, people must not forget that some gemstones can also be representation of the astrological zodiac sign. People will be able to find specific gemstone as Aries birthstone which is completely different from […]

Aquarius Birthstone and the Deep Meaning It Represents

Every zodiac has its own birthstone and each of every one of them symbolizes some meanings and even has healing properties. If you are born around January 21 and February 19, your zodiac is Aquarius and Aquarius birthstone is Amethyst, or is also widely known as February birthstone. At first glance, you might think that […]

Zodiac Birthstones and the Hidden Meaning behind Them

If the birthday of someone you treasure the most is coming up, it is best if you give them beautiful zodiac birthstones as a birthday present. Not only it is a great way to show your love, birthstones actually hold some deep meaning inside them. To find out about the exact birthstone meanings and powers, […]

What is the Birthstone for December and the Healing Powers?

There are three gemstones that belong to the answer for the question about what is the birthstone for December. The gemstones are tanzanite, turquoise and zircon. What is the meaning of December birthstone? Tanzanite was originated in East African state of Tanzania, which is why this gemstone is called in this name. Whilst Zircon is […]

What is the Birthstone for November?

What is the November birthstone? If you are asking about what is the birthstone for November, there are two gemstones that are stated as the birthstones for November; they are Topaz and Citrine. The name Topaz was taken from Indian language, Sanskrit; Topas that means fire. The gemstone got this name for the fire-like color. […]