Square Cut Diamond: The Most Popular Cut Diamond

Square cut diamond gained much popularity. This design started from a simple style to style complex. This is a pretty old-fashioned style. Square cut consist of several designs. The simplest design is the princess cut. This piece was developed in the 1960s. Diamonds are cut into square or rectangular shapes. This diamond ring with more sold than diamonds with other pieces. This piece was first introduced by A. Nagy of London. Princess cut diamond was ranked second as the most popular on the market. Most searches on the internet were associated with a princess cut. An actual sale of diamonds is still far less than a round diamond.

Princess cut is a favorite piece model for a diamond cutter. They have significant reasons like this model. If there are two rough cut in the middle, then they get two princess cut. Diamond cutting only needs to add some structure to the top of the rock and faceting diamonds. You can imagine if using a diamond cutting round pieces of diamond, then they will lose more diamonds. Princess cut to produce 80% of rough diamonds so that this piece is less expensive than round diamonds.

This piece is made of rough diamond crystals that have a high quality so that the diamonds can be formed easily. There is some degree of clarity that is owned by the diamond. There are also several levels of color in this piece. Normally pieces are made of a rough diamond is harder to see than the diamond has been polished like a round diamond. You can choose a diamond with a diamond brilliance of the original color so that it does not fade.


The Definition of Square Cut Diamond

Maybe there are some people who do not know about that square cut diamond. Diamonds that have rectangular pieces will have the same side when you look at the diamond from above. If there is a jeweler who told you that the diamond has a rectangular length and width ratio is 1, then it is the same thing of square cut diamonds.

A rectangular piece has several styles. From the wide variety of styles, no style famous diamonds such as the Emerald Cut, Radiant Cut, Asscher Cut, and Princess Cut. Cushion Cut can also be incorporated into triangular pieces although these pieces form a profile rounded corners.




Princess Cut vs Radiant Cut

The radiant cut has differences with princess cut because of this piece does not have sharp corners. This piece has a deeper angle than the princess cut. This causes the diamond has a different light. The diamond will look more brilliant and sparkling. Princess cut will show a linear pattern and reflective. Radiant cut diamond that has indeed able to maintain color than the princess cut.

You may have to choose a diamond that is clean and good quality. Diamonds must have a clear color radiation and no less than H, G, or F according to the rules established for platinum or white gold and cannot be less than J when viewed from the rules in yellow gold. Standard minimum recommended value for the princess cut diamonds that are in the G-H-I for the white metal and is located in J-K for yellow gold.


princess cut solitaire engagement rings with wedding band

princess cut solitaire engagement rings with wedding band


Emerald Cut and Asscher Cut vs Princess Cut

The emerald cut is a piece that is not used to show the brilliance which is owned by a diamond. Princess cut is used to show the brilliance in a diamond. Asscher cut is a variation of the emerald cut. If you want to buy a piece of diamond, then you should read a diamond buying guide that has been provided by the jewelry store. Emerald cut has a cutting aspect with a more linear than the princess cut. Emerald cut diamond can also display a sparkling and brilliant. These characteristics make into unimportant so shallow bottom will cause the brilliance of diamonds to be reduced.

Emerald cut can more easily show the color than the princess cut. Do not buy the emerald cut diamond with a lower color than H when you buy a platinum or white gold. Diamonds with a lower color grade will not bring the yellow tints. Emerald cut has a low brightness so that these pieces cannot cover the flaws in a diamond that will be sold. This is the reason not to buy diamonds with a level of clarity that is lower than the VS1-VS2. You can see inclusions with the naked eye.


princess cut solitaire engagement rings with wedding band


Princess Cut vs Cushion Cut

Cushion cut will not look the same as the rectangular cut diamonds because it has rounded corners. This piece does look like a pillow. There are several variations of the cushion cut which you can see at a jewelry store. Princess cut diamonds also have teams. The level of brilliance of this piece with princess cut is not very clear. Pieces rated as proportional diamond cut, but this piece cannot display significant brilliance.




Choosing Square Cut Diamond

You should consider several things when choosing a diamond square. You must evaluate the brilliance, clarity, and color of the diamond. Do not just see the written report at the jewelry store.


Buying Diamonds and Jewelry

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