Star Wars Wedding Rings: Futuristic Idea for Your Marriage

For any Star Wars lover, the idea to look for Star Wars Wedding Rings would be a perfect idea for a perfect wedding and a happy marriage. You are not alone! There are a lot couples who would love to have this awesome rings to show their love forever.

There are various kind of ideas related to the Star Wars rings. Some couple would also love to have Star Wars engagement ring before choosing the wedding rings. One of the most wanted rings is the Lightsaber Hilt Ring. The green stone and unique design makes it one of the best Star Wars ring.

Do you want more ideas about Star Wars ring for your perfect moment? There are several ideas for you. You can just pick the perfect one to declare your love or even to propose you girl. It is impossible for her to say no to the ring!


Lightsaber Hilt Ring

DTEK Jewelry suggests a beautiful design of the Lightsaber Hilt Ring. The ring comes with a diamond in the peak and several green stone around the diamond. The ring has details designs. It has a little golden touch in both side of the ring that makes the ring not only futuristic but also elegant. The minimalist crafting by the side of the ring would make it a perfect ring for Star Wars lovers who want an elegant and futuristic design.



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Rebel Alliance Ring

The dark side would always be the best part of the Star Wars wedding ring ideas. Therefore Paul Klecka offers you the Rebel Alliance Ring. You must be familiar with the “Return of the Jedi”. Yes, the ring is designed based on “Return of the Jedi”. It has ruby eyes with a little alien details by its side. If you pay attention of the details in the side of the ring, you would find Princess Leia’s bikini look. Indeed, it is dark, powerful, and sexy at one time. It is a perfect ring for sexy and dynamic couples who always want to have dynamic and hit relationship. Nobody would say no to this perfect wedding ring.


rebel-alliance-ring-ideas rebel-alliance-ring


Imperial Logo Ring

The Imperial Logo Ring is just a perfect wedding ring for couples who are crazy about the “Dark Side of the Force”. This ring is designed by Vala Jewelry with great details of imperial logo. The peak of the ring is wider than the other Star Wars rings. It comes with the logo details, a diamond in the center and smaller blue stones in some parts of the logo. The white gold would get you a silvery look that makes the ring looks royal and shinny. It is just a perfect ring for couples who spend their date enjoying Star Wars.



R2-D2 Ring

Do you love Storm Trooper? Or you just simply a robot lover? You can always get both the Star Wars design with a little touch of robot details. Paul Michael Designs offers you the R2-D2 Ring. The ring comes with unique details in both side. Different from general ring, the bottom part of the ring is designed with more details. The peak of the ring comes with a little wider look and blue stone surrounding a diamond.



And Empire Ring

At last, Swank Metalsmithing offers you a perfect ring, and Empire Ring comes to you. The Empire ring comes for super nerd Star Wars couples who would love to have perfect wedding rings that fit to each other. The Empire Ring is designed to be two rings, for the man and the woman, to represent love and the Empire in Star Wars. Both rings come with unique details both in each peak and side. When you are wearing the ring, they would look like a crown. It’ s just perfect!

rebel-and-empire-rings-ideas rebel-and-empire-rings


So, which one of the Star Wars Wedding Rings would be your best choice? All can be the best one. You should choose the ring that represents your love and your Star Wars favorite part. It would still be okay, if a couple want different styles of Star Wars rings. Each ring is designed based on the movie, so any of them would go perfectly. For a perfect love story, you can even look for an engagement Star Wars ring to propose your girl.


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