Various Kinds of Garnet Birthstone to Collect

Garnet Birthstone, one of the greatest and most valuable gemstone commonly collected by people who love jewelry is a group of hard minerals similar to glass. The word garnet comes from the Greek word Granatum meaning pomegranate seed that also reflects the shape and the color of the crystals. This kind of gemstone is used […]

January Birthstone Color to Know for the Better Goodness

The January birthstone color is something essential to know especially if you are completely in love to get the right choice of the stone and of course if you were born in January. That is such a good thing because actually the color of the birthstone is really essential. That is because it will be […]

Capricorn Birthstone for December 22-January 20 Born

There are some aspects which people will consider when they are choosing the jewelry. Jewelry becomes very important support for enhancing the appearance. Involving the Capricorn birthstone for example will be great choice for Capricorn people who are looking for the right jewelry. It is true that different people can have different personality and the […]