October Birthstone Color – Facts Story about October Birthstone

Have you known about birthstone color? Actually, people have their own birthstone. And for you who were born in October, you are better to know about October birthstone color. Birthstone is so varies, and every birthstone has beautiful color. So, what is the birthstone for October? October birthstone is opal. Most opals are white with […]

Having Positive Energy with Various Colors of Opal Birthstone

Opal Birthstone is a kind of valuable and great gemstone to collect. The word opal is derived from the Greek word Opalus that means a stone. There are four types of this valuable Opal gemstone. They are Black, Boulder, Crystal, and Milk or White. The crystal structure of this valuable and beautiful Opal gemstone is […]

Libra Birthstone Jewelry for Your Health and Life

For those who are birth around September 24 up to October 23, it means your zodiac is Libra. In astrological aspect, zodiac is symbolized by a stone. For Libra, it means you are presented a Libra birthstone. People also believe that each astrological sign has its meaning for the life of human being. The design […]