Pearl Birthstone Jewelry for Special Anniversary Gift

For those who want to find something special for wedding anniversary, you can just take Pearl birthstone as the option. This is concerning to the fact that pearl birthstone is beautiful. It has several types of color. Those are including white, pink, cream, grey, black, and gold. You can choose pink pearl birthstone because most […]

Valuable Emerald Birthstone for Your Loved One

Emerald Birthstone is a kind of valuable gemstone with green color. Pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings with Emerald gemstones believed to get energies from Venus Planet have been commonly used as gifts since thousand years ago. The word emerald is from the Greek word Smaragdos that means a green […]

Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry for Your Loved One

Aquamarine Birthstone jewelry is something valuable usually collected by people especially women, who love or collect it for the sake of investment. People normally wear it on their hands, fingers, head, ears, neck, feet, and body. Most of it is made from metals such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel. Out of five, […]

All about Diamond Birthstone in a Nutshell

Diamond birthstone is one of the most valuable gemstones loved by almost everybody, especially women. Since diamond is very beautiful and expensive people collect it. You know that the word diamond actually comes from the Greek word Adamas means hardest metal, right? This gemstone coming from Carbon family is considered valuable for its prismatic colors […]

Amethyst Birthstone for Marriage Gemstone

Before starting your marriage, you have to find the best gemstone. For your reference, you can just take Amethyst birthstone. It is good to take this type of birthstone if you are Aquarius or born around January 21 up to February 19. The best part of this gemstone is on its color which represents the […]

Virgo Birthstone for Personal Life, Health, and Surrounding

People who born on August 24 up to September 23 influenced by Virgo. Virgo is considered as astrological sign which symbolized by the virgin. As a person Virgo astrological sign, you are also supported by specific gemstone. The main gemstone option for Virgo is sapphire. Actually, the zodiac which you have is not only for […]

Taurus Birthstone to Boost Personality and Health

One of astrological signs is Taurus. Astrological sign of Taurus is defined from those who are born around April 21 up to May 20. Astrological sign is also related to the birthstone. Each of astrological sign has its one birthstone. For example, Taurus birthstone is emerald. This stone is beautiful and shining along with light […]

Do You want to Know All About Scorpio Birthstone?

There are 12 zodiac signs in astrological version and there is birthstone that added follow with the Gregorian calendar. Scorpio is zodiac for those who born in October 24 into November 22. Scorpio is 8th signs of zodiac and this zodiac is under Pluto planet with water as the main element. The Scorpio birthstone is […]

All about Sagittarius Birthstone? Meaning and Characteristic!

Sagittarius birthstone is Turquoise. This is birthstone that becomes spiritual attainments tone that allows the wearer for gain success and past the life knowledge easier. For the long time, astrological knowledge calculates the elements and estimates human character and fortune from the natural elements that influence them. There is also alternative gemstone for Sagittarius birthstone. When […]

Pisces birthstone: Characteristic and Meanings

The birthstone has been known from the past ago. The birthstone is representation from the 12 birth month and it has different characteristic and meanings. Pisces is astrological signs for birth in 19th February into 20th march. Pisces birthstone are aquamarine and it has alternative option for Amethyst, jasper, Ruby and Bloodstone. The astrological and […]