The Best Place to Buy Diamonds

Where is the best place to buy diamonds? That is the questions will probably be asked by people wanting the best diamonds for them. People know that diamonds are very expensive. Not everybody can afford to buy diamonds. They really need to know the best jewelers offering the best diamonds.

Surely, there are lots of jewelers to choose but may be one or two jewelers can meet their customers’ needs. The best jewelers to shop at should be ready with certificates, the explanation of cuts, grading scales, colors, and shapes. For short, they need to be ready with the explanations of 4Cs.

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The first C is Color of diamonds:

The quality of diamonds is evaluated based on their color absence. The pure and perfect diamond doesn’t have hue, like a water drop. The most colorless diamond is of course the most expensive one. Experts use special and precise lighting system to examine the degree of diamond colorlessness. There are five categories based on diamond colors:
• Colorless
• Near Colorless
• Faint
• Very light
• Light

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The second C is Cuts of diamonds:

Experts determine the grade cuts by visual effects such as brightness where experts can see white light reflected from diamonds, fire where experts can see scattered white light among diamond rainbow color, and scintillation where experts can see the sparkle produced by diamonds and the pattern of dark and light area within the diamonds. The categories are:
• Excellent
• Very good
• Good
• Fair
• Poor

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The Third C is Clarity:

• Flawless. Under ten times magnification there’s no inclusions and blemishes.
• Internally flawless. After ten-time magnified, there’s no inclusions.
• Very, very slightly included. Experts have difficulty seeing inclusions after ten-time magnified.
• Very slightly included. Under ten-time magnification, there are clear minor inclusions.
• Slightly included. Under ten-time magnification, there are clear inclusions.
• Included. Under ten-time magnification, there are inclusions that influence its brilliance’s and its transparencies.

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The fourth C is Carat Weight:

This is about the weight of diamonds. Carat is equal with two hundred milligrams, and every carat can be divided into100 points. The hundredth decimal place is to find out the most exact measurement. Experts use point alone to weigh a diamond below one carat. For example, a 0.25 carat diamond is said a twenty-five pointer. A diamond of 1.08 carat is said one point oh eight carat diamond.

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