The Difference between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

Do you know the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring? Do you think they are the same? Engagement ring is a symbol of wedding culture. It is given to a woman by a man who proposes her to get married. When a couple finally gets married, they will wear wedding ring. So what is the difference between them, then? Some people get mixed up between engagement ring and wedding ring. However, there are differences between engagement and wedding ring for sure. How can people differentiate a wedding ring and an engagement ring? Take a look at the explanation below.

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An Engagement Ring

It is given to a woman when she is proposed to marry a man. The engagement ring is worn on the left hand. The ring is expected to be worn starting from the first time she say yes. It is to show other people that she is committed to the man who proposes her. The rings are various in styles and materials. The diamond ring of course is the most common one.

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A Wedding Ring

The wedding rings are exchanged in the wedding ceremony by the couples. A wedding ring is usually simpler in design than the one in engagement. The couple wears on the third finger of left hand. Before they get married the woman removes the engagement ring first and then wears it on their right hand. After the ceremony, the bride usually puts the engagement ring back to the left to stack them together.

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The Price of both Rings

Material and designs of rings decide the price of them. It is up the buyers to choose. It seems that engagement ring is more expensive judging from the ring styles and materials. A wedding ring is usually simpler in style. Generally, a man will spend three months salary to buy an engagement ring. However, the choice is up to the man. For sure there is no absolute requirement for that.

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Wearing both Rings

Is it okay to stack those wedding and engagement rings on the third finger of left hand? It is definitely fine. There is no absolute requirement for that. If a bride wants to wear the engagement ring on other finger on the left or right hand, it is fine too. Especially if the style of the engagement ring is complicated and unique, the bride will wear it separately from the wedding ring.
So, both engagement ring and wedding ring are usually different in styles and prices. However the place for engagement ring is free but the wedding ring is not.

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