The Difference of 14k and 18 Karat Gold Chain

Gold jewelry like gold chains are provided in different options on the market. It is not only about the different designs of the jewelry, but also the content of the pure gold inside the alloy. The different pure gold contents determine whether the gold chains will be 14 karat or 18 karat gold chain.

Actually, karat is a denomination of gold alloy that determine how much pure gold contained inside. It is used in the same way in every gold containing alloy but the sums of pure gold differ every gold jewelry piece.

Before you buy one piece of jewelry, you may need to know what is the composition of 18k gold chain. Different metal mixing makes the jewelry sometimes causes allergic reactions in some people. Find to know about the gold alloy and make sure whether you can wear them safely or not, as well as knowing the differences of alloys in different karats.


What Is the Meaning of Gold Karat?

If you are wondering what is the meaning of gold karat, the answer is the measurement of gold purity. Every 1 karat of gold contained in an alloy, it means that the alloy comes with 1/24th of pure gold. You can know how much pure gold contained in a gold chain by dividing the karat by 24. For instance, if your gold chain is the 10 karat one. It means that the pure gold content is 10/ 24th and then times by 100. The gold chain has 41.7% pure gold content.

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What Is the Composition of 18K Gold Chains?

There are some metals that are commonly mixed to gold chains, such as zinc, copper, silver, nickel and palladium. So what is the composition of 18k gold chains? The compositions of 18k gold chains are 6 parts of non-gold metals and 18 parts of gold. It means that there are 75% of pure gold contained in 18k gold alloy.

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14K vs. 18K Gold Chains: What Are the Differences?

14K vs. 18K Gold Chains: What Are the Differences? The differences are in the color, durability, price and also the tendency to cause allergic reactions for the amount of nickel contained in the alloy.

About the durability, 14k gold alloy is harder than 18k gold chains so it will be more durable because less easy to bend. It means that you can choose 14k gold chain for daily use.

Because of the higher content of pure gold in 18k gold chain, this jewelry is certainly cheaper than the 14k option. You can purchase bigger 14k gold chain with the same amount of money to buy 18k gold chain. However, higher nickel content in 14k gold chain causes allergic reactions in some people. You should consider about it if you have the same allergy problem.

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By getting the information above, now you must understand about the differences between 14k and 18 karat gold chain. Consider about the pros and cons you will get by choosing one of the gold chains. If you have allergy history to jewelry containing nickels, it is better to choose 18k gold chain for safety reason. Besides, the higher gold content also make it looks more golden. So you can feel much more confidence by wearing the jewelry.


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