The Differences of CZ Vs Diamond

When viewed with the naked eye, the cz vs diamond will look the same, but most people say that the diamond is something precious. Advances in technology make it harder to distinguish rhinestone. There are several tests to determine the difference between a diamond and a normal rock. Cubic zirconia is of the high quality able to pass some tests, but cannot get away from all the tests.

Diamonds are the hardest stones occur naturally so that a diamond cannot be scratched easily. You can see the surface of the stone. If the stone surfaces are not exposed to scratches, then the stone is a genuine diamond. You can scratch the glass with stones. This is not a test that is easy because there are several fake diamonds can scratch the glass. One such test is the appropriate test conducted by a gemologist. This is a test that is effective. Put the stone in the newspaper. Fake diamonds will be refracted by a lot of light so that you will not be able to read a newspaper through the diamond.

You can read the paper on cubic zirconia. There can breathe in the stone. The original diamond will be sunny again after being exposed to the air. Cubic zirconia will be cloudy much longer than the diamond. If you have a black light, then you can see the diamond under the light. The original diamond will turn blue. Cubic zirconia will show a blue fluorescence.

You can compare the original diamond with cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is 50 percent heavier than the original diamond. The stone must be clean before following the test. If there is dirt or dust on the surface of the stone, and the test results will be disrupted. There are two different types of diamonds. Diamonds are formed naturally of carbon dioxide under the earth with a strong pressure. There are a laboratory-made diamonds. The original diamond has the same quality with natural diamonds.


The Main differences of CZ vs Diamond

The hardness of cubic zirconia is 8.5. The density of cubic zirconia is 5.5-5.9. Dispersion of cubic zirconia is 0.058-0.066. Refractive Index of cubic zirconia is 2.088 – 2.176. It is always flawless and it has low cost. The hardness of diamond is 10.0. The density of diamond is 3.5 – 3.53. Dispersion of diamond is 0.044. Refractive Index of diamond is 2.418. It is rare flawless and it has the high cost.




Hardness of CZ vs Diamond

Cubic zirconia is not as hard as real diamonds. This stone can be cloudy and scratched. The physical properties of the rock are softer and can absorb oil easily. Cubic zirconia requires different care than the diamond. Jewelry made of cubic zirconia should be treated specially compared to jewelry and rings made of diamonds.


Heavy of CZ vs Diamond

Cubic zirconia is heavier than the original diamond. This difference can be known easily in a ring made of cubic zirconia and diamonds. Ring made of cubic zirconia with a great carat has a greater weight than the diamond. Carat diamonds have greater than the cubic zirconia.




Refractive Index and Dispersion of CZ vs Diamond

The refractive index and dispersion of the smell of gems will affect the light passing and a reflection of the gemstone. Dispersion occurs when the light through the gemstone and spread to gemstones to produce sparkle. The ordinary index is cornering angle of light as it enters the gemstone. The refractive index will affect the brilliance of gemstones. Each gemstone has a refractive index. A gemologist can recognize the refractive index of diamond and cubic zirconia with ease.

The refractive index will be measured using a refractometer. Refractive index values will contribute to the gemstone and cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia has a high dispersion quality. This is an effect that produces fire from stones. It will reflect the light that is more lustrous than the diamond. Cubic zirconia has a lower refractive index than the diamond. Diamond is more brilliant than the cubic zirconia. This stone will not light like a diamond. You cannot distinguish between diamond and cubic zirconia just by looking. Cubic zirconia with a greater carat sparkling and flashing beyond diamonds, but this stone will not be able to achieve the same level of brightness as a diamond. Larger stones carat will make a difference both are becoming more evident. You can see the difference visually. Diamonds are a charming stone. A wedding ring made of cubic zirconia does look great and shiny, but a wedding ring made of diamonds will look luxurious.




Flawless Values in CZ vs Diamond

Stimulants in cubic zirconia always perfect. Diamonds always have small inclusions. A perfect diamond is precious and rare. The difference between a perfect gemstone and gemstone usual cannot be seen only with the eyes. You need a special magnifying glass to jewelry to see the difference. You can see the characteristics of other jewelry find gemstones of diamonds and cubic zirconia.


Cost of CZ vs Diamond

Cubic zirconia has a more affordable price than the real diamond. One carat of cubic zirconia has a price of about $ 20 a carat diamond has a price of about $ 1,500. This price difference is more significant when the level of corrosion also increases. An ordinary two-carat diamond has a price of about $ 5,000. Diamond the size of the middle class has two carat price of $ 7,000. Cubic zirconia to the size of two carats valued around $ 30 only fancy diamonds have a higher price than the cubic zirconia with a larger size.



A small yellow diamond luxury has a price of more than $ 11,000. Cubic zirconia yellow fancy just had a price of about $ 20. If you want to buy wedding rings at affordable prices, the ring made of cubic zirconia luxurious could be the perfect solution. Rings of cubic zirconia pink and pink is the most famous engagement ring this year. Gemstones like garnet and aquamarine also have a more affordable price than the diamond. The stones can also be made into a wedding ring that is durable and beautiful.


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