The meaning and Uses of Ruby Gemstones

Ruby is one of the precious gemstones that is rare, high in price, and hard (belongs to the second hardest stone after diamond). The gemstone is red corundum, the rich red color is the result of chromium and aluminum oxide mineral. The name Ruby was taken from a Latin word; rubeus that means “red”. Ruby gemstones that are in the other colors are named Sapphire.

Those who not only know the beauty but also the ruby Gemstones meaning must choose this gemstone and love the functions. The red gemstone has great meaning that makes the wearer feel having a better life and fortune.

Ruby gemstone, based on many sources of stone experts, can bring positive energy. That is why ruby also becomes an amulet used to get energy for both physical and emotional healing. If you are going to purchase jewelry with ruby gemstone, you can learn how the meaning and uses of ruby will bring good advantages for you.


Meaning and Uses of Ruby

Based on the history of many cultures, meaning and uses of ruby has been very popular. The gemstone has become the amulet of protection, passion and also prosperity. It becomes the symbol of sun and the glowing tone is claimed to be always shining even through the thick clothing. If someone wear ruby as amulet, it could warn about impending danger to the wearer, keep safe his body, as well as expel foolish thoughts and sadness.

Besides, ruby also can make the wearer to feel much love, deeper relationship, and maintain the passion. The gemstone provides intense energy that can make your mind sharpened, more concentrate to something, and heightened your awareness. It also can lessen fear, nightmares, and guard from the attacks. It also useful in technology such as in watchmaking, laser surgery and medical instruments.

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Ruby Physical Healing Energy

Ruby physical healing energy can help strengthening heart, coronaries and ventricles, myocardium, and smoothen the blood circulation. It also treats heart disease or disorders. The gemstone also improves the reproductive organs and can treat infertility, impotence, sexual dysfunction, and its related diseases.

Additionally, ruby also can detoxify the blood, body, lymph and also treat infections and fever. It smoothens the energy flow to the entire body and arouses the adrenals, spleen and kidneys. The energy will also help emotional eating so preventing overweight.

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Ruby Emotional Healing Energy

Ruby emotional healing energy will help the wearer to bring up anger, past hurts, and other negative energy. It encourages positive mind so prevent distress, anguish and sorrow. It also can make the wearer having protective character to everyone including animals. Ruby also can protect the wearer from sensitive nature, fears of unloved or being ugly, and destructive emotional, so it can help the wearer to love himself.

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By knowing the amazing ruby gemstone meaning and the advantages, you must be sure to purchase the gemstone as one of your jewelry collection. Wearing this may bring you to have better life and get healed from kinds of health problems both physical and psychological.

When you have good health and spirit of life, you must have great willingness to have better life and achieve the success in your passion; as the meaning of the ruby gemstone.


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