The Meaning of Birthstones for Each Month

There are many beautiful gemstones are mined and become high quality jewelry. These beautiful gemstones are particularly associated with certain month in a year. There are different meanings of birthstones for each month in a year. These gemstones below listed are believed as representation from month birthstone and has special meaning that can benefit for their life. Each of them is categorized into birthstone colors meaning, properties, the symbolism of the birthstone, and the myth behind the birthstones includes to the healing power from the birthstones.

There are varies version of how the gemstone are listed and represent as month of the year. There are various gems that possessed with characteristic and symbol of representation that very helpful for any people that born under the month and the stone represented. The Astrologer has studied characteristic from different colors from color and how it use in ancient times. Germany and Poland Jeweler list the different gemstone for each month along to its characteristics. Later, the big jewelry company Tiffany &Co publishes the Gregorian poetry that signs into specific qualification for gems for 9 different months. Next decade, in 1912, and 1952 the birthstone list are updated again from the colors and month meaning.

As it is state previous that the gemstones are known and use for ancient society for long time ago. There are several cultural and society that have myth and legends that associated with the birthstone. Some of cultural society believed that certain birthstone has power healing and some of them believe that the gemstone has magical properties that can protect them from black magic and evil. Even though not all cultures has similar perception for the birthstone representation into the month, but it has over time travel for universal meanings. Here are the comprehension list of 12 month birthstone, the characteristic, symbolize and representation includes the history and where it mine in through out the world.


January Birthstone – Garnet

Birthstones January is garnet. This stone become the signs stone for zodiac Aquarius. The color from garnet is reddish to brown, but it also has other popular color found such as purple, violet, yellow, orange, black, red, green and even it also colorless. The Ancient Egypt has use Garnet stones for over 5000 years ago and this stone has become so popular in era Ancient Rome, Greece, Sweden, Sumerian, and Europe in Middle ages. The Indians tribe use garnet as sacred stones.

The garnet symbol and meaning is friendship, balance, purification, strong, love, intense feeling, and vitality. Garnet stone is believed useful for helping build relationship and strengthen it. For people that weak, has problem with heart and lungs, they can use garnet stones for healing properties. Garnet stones that wear by children can prevent them from nightmares and it can build levels of energy that can help people that have weak self image and improve their self confidence and romance evoke. The stone healing power also balancing energy and cure the inflammation.

Garnet is most mined in Australia, Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, chile, Republic of Czech, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Russia, Ukraine, U.S, and Uruguay. The Garnet is originally from Latin name, Granum, a Pomegranate. There are selection types of Garnet that can found in different location.

  • Pyrope. This is garnet stones that has red garnet color in deep. It is found in Sri Lanka, Unite States, South Africa, Madagascar and China.
  • Spessartine. This is red garnet that has orange color lined and find in Brazil, Tanzania, Brazil, United States, and Kenya. The richest color Spessartine is come from Namibia.
  • Almandine. This is the most common January birthstone that has reddish brown –black hues. It found in Sri Lanka, United States, India and brazil.


To treat garnet stone, it should not contact with chemical or extreme temperature. Keep away from steam cleaner and choose ultrasonic cleaning or use soap and water for clean the stone. The values from garnet are come from the clarity, garnet type, color and size. The price range is about $100 for rhodolite garnet from red to purple color and into $5000 for the andradite garnet that has emerald green color.



February Birthstones – Amethyst

The February birthstone is Amethyst that has purple color. The purple color is range from deep purple into dark violet, and to pale lavender color. This is gemstone that believed the Pope wear on his ring. The gemstone itself most associated use for royal and nobility purpose. The dark amethyst stone is found in recently British crown jewels. The Egyptian nobility had use the stone in about 3000 B.C. In the past ancient era, the amethyst is believed as precious stone as diamond. The amethyst stone symbolize as protection stone, sincerity, security. The zodiac under this stone is Pisces.

Amethyst mined most in South Africa and it common come with big size, and the smaller is come from Africa. Brazil is the country that has largest amethyst source in recent day. The amethyst is come from Greek words, Ametusthis.

The largest amethyst is found in Crystal caves in Australia, Queensland that called with “The Empress of Uruguay” that have 3.5 yard tall and weight about 2.5 tons. Unfortunately, the portion of the stone is stolen and it has vandalized.

Are you drunken people? Then wear amethyst can be great way for prevent you from drunkenness. The color that purple almost resemble to wine, so it also represent as Bacchus, the God of wine. The Roman and Greek in ancient time carries it as it represent as stone that have properties for preventing people who wear it to drunk. Amethyst also believing for having ability for reduce and stabilize the emotional and physical strains such as sad, angry, grief, reduces pain and swelling. It stimulates the mind as influences sobriety to calm the mind. Women who wear this stone can boost heir hormone production.

To treat amethyst, If you have amethyst stone in your jewelry it is best for keep it from sun as the sun heat will strips the stone and can turn the gems color into yellow. The stone is able to clean use ultrasonic cleaner and should keep away from any chemical. The amethyst stone is value from the clarity, cut, color saturation and carat. The amethyst price can range start from $8 into $100 per carat.



March Birthstones – Aquamarine

For you who were born in March, Aquamarine is the birthstones for this month. The stone has greenish-blue color look. The Aquamarine itself is come from Latin that meaning sea and water. The color hues are ranges start from colorless whitish blue into rich teal. The most valued color from Aquamarine is vivid blue aqua shade. The higher valuable of aquamarine is deeper aquamarine that often found in large stone. The aquamarine is the crystal that has excellent clarity and transparency. The most flawless crystal ever that consider from hard mineral so it includes to hard stone.

Aquamarine is most associated with courage, self expression, creativity and hope. This stone is perfect for earring and pendant but it not limited to wear in ring use. Aquamarine also associated with by certain healing powers such as increase romance and love, good health and happiness. The stone symbolize for loyalty, honesty and the beauty. The healing power from Aquamarine believes for curing insomnia, anxiety, balance emotion, and improve communication. In Roman era, aquamarine believed for cure the ailments in liver, mouth and throat.

Most of Aquamarine stone is mined from Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Colorado. The other countries that also mine Aquamarine are Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan and India. The best aquamarine quality said from Brazil.

To threat the aquamarine, it is best to bring it to professional jewelry cleaner. But you also can use warm soapy water and gentle brush with soft toothbrush to clean the stone. To add sparkle and shiny from aquamarine stone, add ammonia into soapy warm water in small amount. Remove your aquamarine jewelry when doing heavy work with hand and keep it from banging stone.



April Birthstones – Diamond

Diamond is the most precious values stone in the world. Diamond made from pure carbon and this is the hardest stone in the planet. Therefore, due to the reason this stone should be stored separately from other jewelry because it can damage the stone. Because this stone are too strong, this stone only able to cut or polished with other diamond. Generally, diamond is colorless, but there are also diamond that have any other colors spectrum due to its clarity such as yellow, purple, green, gray, black, pink, red, blue. The grade purity from diamond is values from the bluish white color and clarity that range from very pure into flawless color. Different from other stones that values with its own standard of beauty and size, diamond is values with carat. More carat weight and higher purity level it will increase the stone values.

There are only four continents that have diamond deposits around the world and it has limited mine to operate in recently. In Africa, the country that has diamond mining are in Angola, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Tanzania. In Asian it available in Russia and India and fort Canada and US it is available in North America and Australia.

The healing power from diamond is thought for cures any issues that related with brain and pituitary glands. Diamond also believed that it can influence to balancing and clarity from someone who wear it. When it use together with other crystal, it believed able to boost energy. Diamond is called with King of entire birthstones. This is a big gift for the receiver as it worth and precious values.

If you have diamond, then you should care it for keep it purity and clarity. You should not touch directly into diamond as the oils in your skin can dull your diamond shine. Diamond also available to scratched. What you need to do when it got scratched is polished again into jeweler. Store it separately from other jewelry as it can scratch other jewelry.



May Birthstones – Emerald

Emerald is stone with green color associated. The emerald birthstones is meaning for health fertility, prosperity, and faithfulness. Emerald is known for its beauty green color, but it also have varies color into blue or yellow undertones and this stone can lose to its entire color when it attempted with heat in high level. The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra is fall in love with this when this stone mine by Alexander The Great in early 2000 B.C. The other tribe that also coveted this stone is Aztec and Inca that revered this stone for towards against evil as sacred stone.

The stone is known as stone that have magic agent for keeping bay illness. The healing power from emerald is known as emotional balance and energy. This stone is known for helping the wearer for inspiration, calmness, faith and prosperity. The emerald stones also great gemstone for healing heartbreak and clear away any undesirable losing feeling by reinforces the emotional and physical center. The stone is known for rebirth and recovery stone that also bring love and liveliness and empathy.

Columbia is the greatest Emerald miner’s production that produces about 50% from world emerald. The other countries are Brazil and Zambia. Emerald from Columbia is the most expensive and high quality emeralds. The Brazilian emerald is come from chromium that become the responsible elements for green color in gemstone that makes emerald has purest green color.
To clean emerald in your home, use room temperature water and soft toothbrush with mild soap. Rinse the emerald in warm water and leave it dry.



June Birthstones  – Pearl and Alexandrite

Pearl and moonstone is stone that believed helping in reduce nervous and anxious thinking. From these three birthstones, pearl become the most popular stone to known. Pearl is also known as stone that represent for mood and chase. Pearl is symbol for love, success and happiness.

Pearl is valued from the source, inside from saltwater oyster or freshwater clams. The freshwater is cheaper value than salt water but it is available in vast amount color and shapes. The pearl from saltwater itself come into next categories based from the origin place, the Tahitian, South sea pearl and Akoya.

Pearl color is determined from body color and overtone. Body color breaks down into cool hues such as purple and green or into warm hues color such as red and yellow. Overtone is colors that referred into colors that emerge to pearl surface. Generally, pearl is having white body color with cream color overtone. The body from, pearl is come from mollusk type and water where the pearl created. Tahitian pearls are come from Black lip oyster that produce the real black pearl.



July Birthstones- Rubies

July birthstone is rubies. Rubies is presentation for courage and it is perfect to wear by weak people for add their strength and power. This stone is associated in take fortune and good friendship. The most beneficiary in wearing this stone is adding emotional state support to the wearer. Hindu people believed that rubies that wearer is protect from evil. In recent day, rubies transform into love and passion symbol. In ancient China warrior, rubies are prized highly.



August Birthstones – Peridot

This is the greenish/ yellowish gemstones that protect people under august birth. In the past, people are wearing this stone for farther evil, negative aura and even the black magic. For healing purpose, this stone are believed for healing many health subjects. The color from Peridot is naturally olive green and it’s has color intensity that depends from iron amount in the stone. Due to its green color, this stone are often confused with emerald, and therefore this stone also called with “evening emerald”.



September Birthstones – Sapphire

Sapphire has wide range variety colors, but most of them are associated with blue color. There is sapphire that can find in other colors such as white, yellow, or pink and its color are sometimes called with fancy stone from sapphire. Blue in sapphire stone is representation from serenity and peace. For long time ago, this stone has become symbol for wisdom, loyalty, purity and faith. This stone is worthy as the other precious gemstone such as emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Blue sapphire also said it has healing properties that can reduce pain.



October birthstones – Opal and Tourmaline

For people who born under Libra, opal is greats tone for their hope and innocence. Opal stone color are wide range, but it most come into white that have irisdence. However, opal also find in black or transparent color with some yellow or red flecks. Opal is actually silica gel that includes non-crystalline but transform into ancient rock. Effort from nature heat and molding and time past, the silica gel then hardened and transform into opal stone.



November Birthstones – Yellow Topaz

November has two birthstones, topaz and citrine. Both of them are often miss due to their similarity. But citrine has yellow and topaz get reddish orange brown color. Topaz is available in varies colors and the name is origin from Topazoz, the red sea where Romans first found the gems. Topaz symbolize for friendship, consistency, and faithfulness.

Such as Aquamarine, emerald and Amethyst, this stone also believed has healing power. Yellow Topaz also called with Citrine that means “Stone of mind” because this stone believes work well for intellect and remove any negative effect. The stone believes for its healing ability to breathing illness such as tuberculosis, cough and asthma. Both of topaz and citrine is very benefit for mind and body balancing and protection stone from negative people. Citrine believed encourage energy and stamina, enhances happy, promote prosperity. Citrine is known as success stone as it can bring success to any business for wearer do. Topaz healing power is balancing poor mood and protects from injury, disease and death.

Citrine should be kept away from extreme heat and temperature as it can fracture the stone. Do not wear the stone while work with handy chemical while washing dishes, gardening and others as it can dull the color. Avoid ultrasonic cleaner as it can cause problem due to heat and vibration from the cleaning process.



December Birthstones – Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise

December has three birthstones tanzanite, turquoise and zircon. Tanzanite is origin from the area where it come from, Tanzania. The zircon is come from Arabic words means gold and color. Turquoise is means it derived from the origin place Turkey. Blue Topaz has bright and icy brilliant color of blue.

  • Tanzanite is brilliant birthstone color with wide range purple and blue color hues. The color often increased with heating process.
  • Zircon is available in rainbow color range. Blue zircon is the most popular and high demand zircon as it has deeper blue tone.
  • Turquoise is the most popular gemstone for December green tint and sky blue tones.

This stone is believed good stone that bring cooling properties, include hot temper. The stone is well associated with healing agents. Therefore, when the wearer has certain illness, they can wear topaz for indicator when the wearer has worst condition as the stone color will changes suit with the circumstances. Topaz is worn for boost health and avoids headaches. This stone also representation for signs of love and fidelity. Therefore this is perfect stone to use as gift for someone special or respect. When people who born in December wear this stone it is believed that the stone will increase the confidence and ability in communication with others.



Healing properties from tanzanite is for relieving stress and lowering high blood pressure. This stone also use for depression, anxiety and fear. Zircon is gemstone that believed has healing properties for heal asthma, liver issues and improve common sense. Turquoise is tending to ease mental tensions and mind relaxing. To treat these stone, it should be clean with warm and soap water and avoid ultrasonic cleaning because it can damage the stone.


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