The Other Kind of Silver You need to Know: What is Sterling Silver?

If you are interested in jewelry or metals you should be familiar with silver. Silver is one of the common metals and one of the basic materials to made jewelry. Many people love silver jewelry or silver home furniture since it looks dashing and expensive. The price is also cheaper compare to gold.

It turns out that there is other kind of silver. Some of you may only know pure silver. But in fact, there is other type of silver called sterling silver. What is sterling silver actually? Sometimes pure silver and sterling silver used and sound interchangeable terms even though they don’t have the same meaning.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver only. Silver that we know or called as fine silver has almost 99.9% of pure silver. Meanwhile sterling silver consists only contains 92.5% of pure silver and the rest is only other metals in it. Since pure silver has high percentage like that, it can’t be used to make rough items because pure silver is way too soft and it can’t be shaped into rough and hard stuffs. To find out more, this article will show you the difference between by asking these two questions: what is pure silver and what is sterling silver?


What Is Sterling Silver actually?

Sterling silver is actually an alloy which is created from copper and pure silver. The result is that sterling silver is softer and more durable. Sterling silver has purity of 92.5% and the rests contain of zinc or nickel.


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What is sterling silver, silver and tarnishing? Are they related to each other?

Even though sterling silver is much more durable than the pure silver, it also has disadvantage. Additional metals inside of sterling silver tend to make it more prone when you tarnish it. It is because the zinc, nickel, copper and other metals inside sterling silver are probably react to other elements and oxygen in the air.


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What is sterling silver and fine silver marks?

If you want to know which one are fine silver and which one is sterling silver, you should see the mark. Usually, starling silver which made in America is marked as 92.5, .925 or 925. In America, jewelry that contains low purity isn’t marked as sterling silver. Meanwhile, the mark for pure silver is .999, 99.9 or 999. This mark indicates the amount of silver per thousand parts or hundred in one piece. Many countries have already set their own price of silver sterling and pure silver.


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What is sterling silver and how to test its purity?

Testing the purity of sterling silver and pure silver are pretty much the same. If you want to test silver’s purity, the process is called as acid test. The first step of the process is by taking a small shaving from the item. Second, you put that small shaving into acid. Then, you have to wait if the color changes. If the piece’s color changes, it meant the purity is fewer than 92.5%.



If you buy jewelry and you are wondering the purity itself, you don’t need to go through that process by yourself. There are other jewelry shops that provide professional jewelers to help you find out the purity of your jewelry you bought for free! Please check the stamp marks before you buy pure silver or sterling silver jewelry to find out the exact purity. If you are lazy to go outside, you can buy jewelry online. You can buy it at Reeds Jewelers or even Amazon. You can buy the product in an easy way with detailed information and reviews from other customers.


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