The Pros and Cons of Tension Set Engagement Rings

This is an article where you can learn about various designs for making special diamond rings, especially about the tension setting for the rings with the precious gemstones. You may need this information so much in order to know the best diamond ring set to choose.

For most people, tension set engagement rings or wedding rings are the more special ring design. Whilst the metal baskets or prongs are the most traditional way to secure the gemstone rightly and lock them in the rings, then the tension setting is the more modern one.

There are some pros and cons that can be gotten by choosing tension set rings. You should know well about what is a tension set diamond ring and also the advantages. In this way, you can decide with the best consideration before choosing tension set wedding or engagement rings.


What is a Tension Set Diamond Ring?

To know the pros and cons, you certainly should know about what is a tension set diamond ring. It is the technique to place the diamond in the ring’s opening and hold the diamond in the place by the exerted pressure from the ends. Principally, this technique is like a mechanical clamp used to lock something between the jaws. The unseen tensile force results more beautiful look in the ring because no metal surrounds the diamond. This tension setting has pros and cons that can be considered before you choose diamond rings with the setting design.

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What Are the Advantages?

After knowing about how the setting design is, now you certainly want to know about what are the advantages too. Tension setting design has 3 main advantages such as:

  • It has more beautiful look because the diamonds looks floating and not being supported.
  • You can choose any metal to set the diamonds and customize it, including gold, white gold, silver, palladium and platinum.
  • The diamond of the ring will produce more sparkles for the full view resulted by the setting design.


cubic-zirconia-in-a-tension-setting-ring cute-tension-set-engagement-rings-ideas cute-tension-set-engagement-rings-images


What are the Drawbacks?

Besides the advantages, you also should know about what are the drawbacks of the tension setting design. The biggest drawback of this setting design is it is unable to be resized easily because it is made and adjusted to the precise measurement based on the center stone’s size. So, you may get some problems if your finger size changes and need to resize the ring. You should find a skillful jeweler that has the special equipment to resize the ring. Besides, this setting design is also easy to remove deliberately without special tool needed.


unique-tension-set-engagement-rings unique-tension-set-engagement-rings-pictures tension-set-engagement-rings-pictures


By knowing the pros and cons of having diamond rings in tension setting, now you must know whether the tension set engagement rings or wedding rings will be the best choice or not. If your first consideration is how the ring will look much more awesome, you may choose this setting design. However, consider about how the setting design locks the diamond well and doesn’t cause any lost, because losing diamond from the ring must cause terrible headache.


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