This Ring Is Speaking: ‘What Do the Colors of a Mood Ring Mean’?

Have you ever tried wearing this phenomenal ring called The Mood Ring? Thinking about what it is all about by guessing the ring name, you might get little connection to it. This thing must be about special ring that is extraordinarily published as something unique because it can tell your mood by only looking from the color.

So, what does the colors of a mood ring mean truly? It might be something related to the mood of the user of the ring that shown by the color inside the ring. Though, what on earth it really is? Does the color really represent the mood of the owner? To answer the question, there are several things to comprehend why this kind of ring becomes so popular nowadays.

Starting from learning the history of mood rings, then how mood rings work, and what the mood ring colors mean, will accompany the reader in this fairy tale alike.


The History of Mood Rings

The mood rings were invited in 1975 by Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. However, someone claimed that he develop them a decade earlier. He was Marvin Wernick.

Anyway, even though who the inventor is, the mood rings were popular in 1970s as popular as now. There is a theory behind the mood ring that the mood ring will reveal your emotional level of yours by showing some corresponding colors.

Mood Ring New Elegant Heart Mood Ring


How Mood Rings Work?

The rings have thermo tropic liquid crystals in the band or the stone inside the mood rings. This liquid can show different colors at altered temperatures.

The liquid in these days’ jewelry usually are made from a strip – a flat strip within that crystals with coating system that used to protect the shape and the materials.

Then the crystals will give reaction to the changes in some temperatures by twisting. The twisting will change the molecular structure whereas it will alter the presence of the light or the color that are absorbed or reflected to the rings. And when that temperature from the crystals altered, the colors inside also change.

Simple Silver Tone Mood Color Change Adjustable Ring Lucky Brand Peace Sign Ring


What the Mood Ring Colors Mean?

In mood ring, there are several colors that have different meaning.

The colors’ meaning are:

  • Violet : warm / patient
  • Pink / burgundy : happy / romantic
  • Blue : relaxed / calm
  • Green : so so / average feeling
  • Amber / yellow : excited / tense
  • Gray / brown : anxious / nervous
  • Black : cold temperature

The color inside the ring is not only one but there are some colors there. From all of the colors, the top of the list is from the warmest temperature (violet) move to coolest temperature (black).

Sterling Silver Mood Rings Ideas Mood Change color Temperature Classic Rings

So, thankfully to whomever who invented or developed the mood rings, we as the descendants of this era’s world citizen thank to the science of the rings. The colors shown up inside the ring are amazing. They color up the day of the owner. And, finally now, the readers know how the mood rings work to give some intermezzo in telling our feeling’s condition. It must not be a hundred percent but it can represent the true situation for giving us chances to do better actions.


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