Tie the Knot To Be with A Perfect Knot Promise Ring

A perfect Knot Promise Ring is always best part of any romantic relationship. However, a lot of people are still confused about the promise ring. What does it mean? Is it same with engagement ring?

You should look for more information about the promise ring from jewelry experts. The ring is indeed more than just a simple thing in a modern or today pre-matrimonial tradition. So, what is a promise ring? It is basically a kind of commitment ring in a relationship.

Therefore, a lot of couples decide to have a commitment or promise ring to declare the relationship and to prove that their relationship is serious. Since it holds a lot of meanings and personal touch. You have to know more about the ring so you can choose the perfect ring for a great ring for your sweet love relationship.


What is a promise ring?

Most jewelry experts define a promise ring as the ring that is chosen by a couple to symbolize a serious relationship. Kimberly Kanary, the vice president of Kay Jewelry explains that the ring is distinguished from an engagement ring. So, what is a promise ring?
The definition can be very personal. Commonly the ring is known as a ring that holds a lot of meaning due to the couple’s personal experience and relationship. But, the ring always represents the relationship to be serious and a symbol of an engagement in the future. The couples who decide to have a promise ring mean to devote their love to each other.

Since the meaning is quite personal, Brooke Brinjman from Simon G. Jewelry suggest couples to choose the ring that mostly represents their relationship and personality. It means, there is no general rule about the material or design. However, most jewelry experts suggest that writing names can be the best personal touch to the ring.

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History of Promise Rings

Again Brinkman explains that a ring that is chose to declare affection, love, and commitment has been pat of the jewelry history since hundreds years ago. Back to the past, the ring was called posy rings. The name came from 16th century during the Georgian and Victorian eras in England. During the changes of History of Promise Rings, the ring once became less popular until 2000s.

Then, some famous celebrities like Miley Cirus and Joe Jonas told Details magazine that they wear a promise ring. Their rings represent a promise to God that they will stay pure until marriage. This type of rings have actually existed since years ago. People associate the ring to purity and commitment since the era of Ancient Rome. Nowadays, people adapt the meaning of a promise ring to symbolize pure love and committed relationship.



Promise Ring Etiquette

Even though the ring cannot be defined as an engagement ring, a promise or commitment ring still has a special meaning. According to Kelly McLeskey-Dolata fro, A Savvy Event company, a couple should have been dating for certain amount of time, like at least a year, before deciding to have a promise ring. It is to make sure that they both have committed to each other and agree to plan the more serious relationship.

For the ideas like the price, design, and material, there is no exact Promise Ring Etiquette to obey. The couples are free to choose the ring. In general, people would love to have heart design for their rings. The price is usually lower than engagement ring, but most people buy at least $199 ring.

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Promise Rings for Women

Different from engagement ring that mostly has a diamond or particular gemstone and crystal to symbolize a proposal, there is no exact rule about the Promise Rings for Women. Some men even give their girl friends a promise ring as gift on birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s day. But, most couple would love to have more girly and romantic design for a promise ring for a woman.



Promise Rings for Men

The same with promise rings for women, there is also no exact rule or etiquette about the Promise Rings for Men. Some couple who decide to have the promise rings together sometimes, they choose the rings that are associated one to the other. But, men usually choose simpler and manly design.



The bottom line is that the Knot Promise Ring really needs a personal touch. It represents commitment for the relationship. Though it has the same meaning to an engagement ring, a couple should have been dating for at least a year before having the rings.


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