Tiger Eye Bracelet as a Healthy Jewelry

A Tiger Eye Bracelet has been known as a jewelry that is suggested to be worn to improve someone’s health and their ability to focus and concentrate during such kind of a meditation. Some people would also wear tiger eye as different kind of jewelry besides bracelet.

Different from the other stones that are used as materials for jewelry because its beauty, tiger eye is more kind of stone that promotes power and energy. It has no mystical or symbolical power, but it is believed to hold special Tiger Eye Meaning for human health.

If you are interested in such kind jewelry or stone to improve health and suggest peace to mind, you might have to learn more about the tiger eye. This stone has brown and golden color that reflects the color and the pattern of the eye of a tiger. It is simply an explanation why people call it a tiger eye. But, it actually holds deeper meaning than just the tiger eye looks in its colors and patterns.


Tiger Eye Meaning

The stone comes from South Africa. It is where the largest amount of the stones were first found. However, it is not the only place. We can also find the same stone in India, Brazil, some area in Australia and even in the USA. The Tiger Eye Meaning comes from the colors and the patterns that looks like a cat’s or a tiger’s eye. The stone looks brown with a little yellow and golden accent. Though it looks like a kind of gemstone, tiger eye is actually a type of quartz crystal. Thus it also holds such kind of energy like the other types of quartz crystal.

A lot of people believe that the resonated energy can balance human emotional energy through releasing the negative emotions. It makes people believe that, with a balance mind that is supported by the tiger eye, we can make better decision and calming our mind.

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Why would you use it?

Some people still come with the same question, “Why would you use it?” when find people wearing tiger eye. The main reason why people would love to wear the stones is because they believe that the stones have a positive power to improve health, help healing trauma and weak physic, and mental. Basically, the big power of the stones come from its ability to stimulate human’s chakra including the solar plexus, scaral chakra, and the base one. When the positive energy inside the body the metabolism improve to heal the physical conditions and the mental balance.

The basic power of a tiger eye makes people who are meditating or performing such kind of yoga can easily focus on their task. It will also stimulate the kundalini energy to raise. The kundalini energy is a kind of energy that can bring the root chakra to its balance level so the person the reach a perfect focus with calm feeling during the meditation.

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Wearing Tiger Eye

Wearing Tiger Eye or people also call it the Gemini birthstone as such kind of jewelry like ring or bracelet can be a great idea. A tiger eye is also known as an aura stone. Wearing it also means wearing a jewelry that can help human aura to stay clean and balance.

Some people would love to wear the stone as a pendant of their necklace to keep it as near as possible to the heart. They believe that the effect would be much stronger than just wearing it as bracelet.

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Excellent Stone For Meditation

Not all people are willing to wear tiger eye jewelry. Most of them believe that it is an Excellent Stone For Meditation. Indeed, it is a great jewelry for meditating people. By wearing the stone during the meditation, it would be easier for someone to reach the best focus to concentrate. The vibrations of the energy would also increase the energy to make the meditation more effective. However, there are also people who believe that it is also good to be wearing the jewelry all times.

stacking-bracelet-tiger-eye tiger-eye-bracelet-ideas tiger-eye-925-tibetan-silver-vintage-solid-brass-bracelet

Though, the stone can be worn in various kind of jewelry, still the Tiger Eye Bracelet is preferred as the best option. Different from pendant or any other kind jewelry, bracelet is less exposed but still near to human vital impulse.


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