Tiger Eye Meaning from Time to Time and Its Benefits

Tiger eye is classified in the popular stone. It can’t be separated to the beautiful color and shape. Even, most gemstone lovers said that the name of the stone is strongly related to the real tiger. Tiger is a beautiful wild animal due to the color skin and its power. If you want to collect this gemstone, it is good to learn about tiger eye meaning. In general, tiger eye stone is really similar to the eye or skin of a tiger. The main color is golden brown and it shows the real beauty of this stone. The tiger eye meaning is also related to the far away era which is Roman era.

It is believed that tiger eye firstly worn by Roman soldiers. Tiger eye stone is also used by people who believed that each of stone has energy. This energy can be useful for our body. Just like tiger eye stone which is used because it has energy to make you calm and relax. People who have a trouble with focus can also wear tiger eye stone. This is because the stone is useful to make you more focus than before. Interestingly, it is said as a tiger eye because this stone also has flash. The flash is the similar flash which a real tiger has. Just look at a tiger which want to catch his prey. It seems that flash is coming out when tiger is focusing their eye. Remember! This stone is also believed to keep you focus. Back to the first time when this stone was worn by Roman soldiers. Actually, there was a reason why Roman soldiers were using tiger eye stone.

Believe it or not, wearing tiger eye stone is a strategy used Roman solider. The opponents of Roma soldiers believed that the tiger eye stone made the opponent difficult to shot precisely to the target or the Roman soldiers. Tiger eye stone seems to be an amulet or protection for the Roman soldiers. It is possible that tiger eye stone is one of the secret why Roman troops were a strong and hard to defeat. Roman soldiers were not only the one who worn Tiger eye stone. Actually, Tiger eye stone also seen in Egyptian Goddess of War Sekhmet. This stone was used as an amulet for the lion in Egyptian Goddess. As an amulet, the Tiger eye stone gives more strength to the lion. Sekhmet was took Tiger eye stone outdoor and in specific time especially midnight this stone gives more strength and power. So, actually what is Tiger eye stone? What is the scientific explanation about the appearance of this golden brown stone? For those who really love to collect precious stones, it will be interesting to learn more about this Tiger eye stone. If you know the history, the story behind this stone as well as the Tiger eye meaning, the stone will be meaningful in your hand. You can start by learning about how the Tiger eye stone formed.


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How Tiger Eye Stone Is Formed

So, what is Tiger eye stone? For your information, this stone is classified in macrocrystalline or fibrous quartz. Tiger eye stone is formed from crocidolite when it is embedded with the crystal quartz. Moreover, Crocodolite is classified as asbestos. The process started when the quartz crystal is developed. While the crystal is developed, the crocidolite dissolved away. On the other hand, the fibrous shapes remain there. How about the flash which appear in Tiger eye stone? Actually, the flash is formed from the chatoyancy. In fact, Tiger eye stone is not only appear in one design or shape. Tiger eye stone will have different appearance and it depends on the angle when you see the stone. Tiger eye stone is very popular stone in several countries. Let say, South Africa and Thailand are the sources of this stone. Moreover, you can also find the mineral rock of Tiger eye in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Korea, Myanmar, and many more.

The Tiger eye meaning is because of the color of the stone itself. When you are seeing closely, the Tiger eye stone really looks like the skin of that big cat. If it is about the shape, it is not similar to the eye of tiger at all. For your information, the eye of this wild animal doesn’t have any pupils. The eye of tiger is round just like any other cat. The most popular of Tiger eye meaning is of course about design of the Tiger eye stone itself. If you see the stone closely, the stone has golden brown stripes and golden brown stripes are the characteristic of this big cat. Some people also relate Tiger eye meaning with the behavior of the tiger itself. Besides the similarity between the color of the stone and the color of the tiger, it is also strongly related to the flash.

In deeper meaning, Tiger eye meaning is symbolized the power and the focus of the tiger. Just analyze when a tiger want to catch its prey. The tiger will focus on the prey and walk slowly. Sometimes, they just stop and freeze without any sound at all. Their eye seems to have the flash. When the time is perfect, the tiger will run and catch the prey. It is the secret why a tiger never lose its prey. People who love to wear Tiger eye stone are said as a patience person. The reason is the same to the behavior of the tiger itself. Tiger is very patience waiting for the perfect time to catch its prey. Just imagine if they don’t do it. There is a possibility that the tiger will lose their prey. The spirit of tiger can be the reason why the stone is named by Tiger eye stone. Tiger has never giving up spirit especially to catch their prey. They are not only patience in waiting for the prey but also catching the prey until they get it. They will run faster to follow the prey. This spirit seems to trigger positive energy to the users of Tiger eye stone.


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The Positive Impacts of Wearing Tiger Eye Stone

Just like any other stone, Tiger eye stone has specific energy. The energy can be absorbed by your body and it gives positive impact. It is strongly related to the Tiger eye meaning itself. This stone symbolized harmony, balance, and relax. The symbol of the stone seems to give the same energy when you wear it. It is also the reason why people who have anxiety problem are asked to wear jewelry with tiger eye stone. If it is not, you just need to get close with this stone. The energy from the stone will make you relax and free from anxious condition.

The impact is not only about releasing your anxious condition. More than that, Tiger eye stone can boost your concentration. It is very important to concentrate especially if you have to make an important decision. Wearing this tiger eye stone can make calm so you can decide the best decision. The best decision means that you don’t take it with your emotion. Just remember that your negative emotion has been reduced by the energy of the tiger eye stone. By bringing this stone, you can improve your confident. This is also the reason why people tend to use tiger eye stone as an amulet. It is believed that if you take tiger eye stone with you, your Kundalini chakra will be awake or boosted. When your Kundalini chakra is awake you will be more creative. The creativity is related to the condition of the brain itself. Tiger eye stone makes your brain balance and relax. When your brain is relaxed you can use it to boost creativity. Don’t get surprise if tiger eye stone commonly used to treat people with mental disease or personality disorder.


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So, besides attracted to the Tiger eye meaning or the tiger eye color, most people also attracted to the positive impact resulted from this stone. One more impact of wearing Tiger eye stone is related to the opening of your aura. Some people believed that wearing jewelry with tiger eye stone will make your looks more beautiful or handsome. It is a common thing because this stone can open your positive aura. As the result, your skin as well as your feeling will be fresher. People who believed with the spirit of gemstone or stone tend to use it to support their daily life. Due to the tiger eye meaning and the positive energy, most people tend to use tiger eye stone to help to achieve goals. It is of course because they can be more focus and concentrate of the efforts to achieve goals. It seems that you will be more confident and optimism when you take this stone along with you. With the positive feeling along with you, it hopes that you can be achieved your goals easier. The energy of the stone helps you to face difficult time while pursuit your goals. Therapists also use this tiger eye stone for healing treatment especially for treating broken bones. It seems that the bone is cured faster with the positive energy from the tiger eye stone.


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