Tungsten vs Titanium Accessory Comparison

When we are talking about jewelry, there are various kinds of metal and precious gems to be talked about, but if we are strictly taking about men’s jewelry, then the tungsten vs titanium discussion will most likely take place. The tungsten and the titanium are two of the most used materials to be made into jewelry for men, if you look at the jewelry stores for men’s accessories, most of the time you will find they are made from these two materials. But exactly which one is the best? There are a lot of things to be considered, so let us see which one is the better choice.

Tungsten Wedding Bands Men Titanium Rings for Women


Tungsten vs Titanium Strength

For the first comparison, we will see how strong both of these materials are; they are going to be made into expensive jewelry so they need to be durable and don’t break easily. In terms of overall strength; hardness, scratch resistance and crack resistance, the tungsten is way more durable than the titanium. Fortunately, even though titanium is less durable than tungsten, it is still more durable than any other material such as platinum or gold.

Tungsten Wedding Bands with Diamond


Tungsten vs Titanium Ring Weight

There is a good reason why the titanium is not as durable as the tungsten, the titanium is extremely lightweight and the difference in weight is totally in the titanium favor. The tungsten with its strength and durability, feels absolutely heavier, but that is not a bad thing either. With the tungsten ring, you will get that pleasantly feeling on your finger. But the titanium takes the cakes with this one; it’s both durable and lightweight.

Titanium Carbide Rings Tungsten Rings on Hand


Tungsten vs Titanium Wedding bands

Now into the most important question, which is the better material to be used as men’s wedding bands? It is great having a lot more choices, but it also makes it pretty difficult for us to decide which one is the better choice. But when you want to buy tungsten or titanium wedding bands, you will need to remember this important thing, both of these materials are not sizeable so if your finger started to grow after your marriage, there is no way to change the ring’s size.

Titanium Wedding Bands Sets


Tungsten vs Titanium Ring

So, what about the regular ring? Which one is better to be used as the material for regular men’s ring? Unfortunately there is no answer for this question, as said earlier, both have their own strength and weakness, if you like heavier feels on your finger, go with tungsten, but if you like lighter accessories then you choose titanium. One other thing to consider, if your skin is sensitive then titanium based ring is the better choice.

Titanium Ring Black


Men’s Wedding Bands Tungsten vs Titanium

Now into the continuation of the important thing, although popular, both tungsten and titanium wedding bands are bad for wedding bands. Beside the inability to get resized like gold or platinum, both tungsten and titanium are not as precious as gold and platinum. Your wedding ring is important and it will most likely get passed down to your kids, because it cannot be resized, how your kids can wear your rings if the size won’t fit? While both tungsten and titanium is strong and durable, but for wedding, it is better to choice more precious material like gold or platinum for the rings.

Men’s Wedding Bands Tungsten


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