Turquoise Birthstone for Healthier and Happier Life

Turquoise birthstone is a unique gemstone. The uniqueness is on its blue spots around the stone. The original name of Turquoise is Turkoish or Turkish. In fact, the name of this gemstone is the same with the original place of this gemstone, Turkish. The spots in the Turquoise birthstone are caused by the cooper aluminum phosphate.

If you want to wear jewelry, it is better to known your astrological sign first. To boost the energy of Turquoise, it is better if you are born in December. It is because Turquoise birthstone is related to Sagittarius astrological sign. In short, Turquoise will spread more positive energy if it is used by people born around November 23rd up to December 21st. In fact, the energy brings something positive to your life.

You need to know that Turquoise is strongly related to prosperity, good fortune, protection, and strength.
Because of that, people who wear Turquoise birthstone in their jewelry will be healthier, lucky, confident, and strong enough. It seems that after wearing this gemstone, the energy triggers you into better communication with your family, friends, or colleague. In short, it is good to use this stone for therapy especially to heal your body from specific diseases.


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Types of Turquoise Birthstone You Can Choose

Turquoise birthstone is not the only gemstone for Virgo astrological sign. Actually, there are several gemstones which are related to December astrological sign. Let say, you can choose to wear Zircon or Lapis Lazuli. The characteristic of those two gemstones is similar to Turquoise birthstone including the color and the shape.

Nowadays, you can also take blue Topaz or Tanzanite gemstone if it is difficult for you to find Turquoise. The main reason why people really want to wear this birthstone is related to the healing function. Various diseases can be solved by using this Turquoise birthstone. It works by transferring the positive energy from the gemstone into your body. Your body is trying to catch the energy and it fixes the damage metabolism in the body. While wearing Turquoise, you will be more charming, beautiful, confident, and healthier than before.


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In fact, this gemstone has been used for many years with different functions but it shows significant impact because of the energy which comes out from the stone. If you want to find special gift for your anniversary, just consider giving jewelry with the addition of Turquoise birthstone. It hopes that the energy of the stone brings happiness in your marriage.


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