Types of Diamond Cuts for Your Engagement Day

Types of diamond cuts are divided into five main types. There are five main types of diamond cuts that will give different diamond shapes and types. Each shape and type will provide you some pros and cons. What you need to do is to make sure that you choose the right one for you and your beloved mate.

Some people will usually need diamond information when they want to hold engagement or wedding day. For choosing the right shape, you need to know some references. Keep reading below! Here is the discussion for you about diamond cuts types. Check it!

Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings Wedding Rings Diamond Cuts


The Round Cut

This round cut will maximize the ability of your diamonds to reflect back the light to the people around the wearer. You need to know that this cut also has the highest rank for the brilliance. It really fires out all types of diamond you find. It is because of its stunning look and effects for around 50 perfect symmetrical facets. This type of cut is the most popular type of diamond cut studies in the world.

Types of Round Diamond Cuts


Modified Diamond Cut

Besides rounded cut of diamond, you will also find modified cut. This cut is usually known as the fancy cut. For other cases, it is also called as brilliant cut. However, this type of diamond cut is used to make the fancy shape of diamond. It will retain the facet standard of the symmetry on the original brilliant cut. Well, the result of this cut will provide the high amount for its fire and brilliance.

Types of Diamond Cuts for Rings


The Step Cut

The next type that you can choose for this diamond is step cut. It is known as trap type. You need to know that step cut creates the fancy diamond shape. Those shapes are rectangular or square. You also have to know that most of this shape has corners. Besides that, it has also been shortened in order to reduce any type of breakage or damage. You can also find the rectangular shape for its facets.

Different Types of Diamond Cuts Photos


The Mixed Cuts

This mixed cut is actually the combination for the modified and step diamond cut. This type of diamond cut is relatively new for the studies of diamond. It is also created for the fashion shape of diamond with standard shape. There will be also the large brilliance and fire amount that still retain the stone’s original weight majority. For your information, you can also get fancy diamond that is crafted by mixed diamond cut with rectangular shape.

Diamond Mixed Cuts Pictures


The Old World Cut

This old cut will also include the European cut, old minor cut, and the rose cut. For your information, these shapes are originally used to create the shape before the round brilliant cut emergency. It is also used before the diamond technologies advancements. In 1900s there were a lot of antique diamonds crafted.

Old World Cut

They were also designed with old diamond cuts. So, this diamond design has been popular since 1900s. That’s why the people call it as old diamond design. Finally, those are all some types of brilliant cuts you can find. You can choose one of them that can fit your preference.


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