Unique Garnet Stone Meaning that You Have to Know

Garnet stone is very popular in the world, so there are so many people who want to have it and want to know about Garnet stone meaning. Talking about Garnet stone, this stone is so unique to be explained. This stone has special appearance and looks so luxurious. The common color of Garnet stone is red, but it doesn’t mean that this stone doesn’t has other color.

Garnet stone has various types of color such as orange, green, blue, brown, black and more. This stone is really good to be combined with jewelry such as ring or necklace. Some people also believe that Garnet stone can give them positive energy.

Not only positive energy, actually this stone is really useful for health. Even Garnet often called as Stone of health. It is because the stone can remove negative energy from body or mind, and make body and mind healthier than before. For you who want to more about Garnet stone, here the information for you.


Garnet History

Garnet has been used as the stone for jewelry, weapon, and also lighting. 5000 years ago, Ancient Egyptians used this stone for jewelry thatwas used by Pharaohs and commonly placed in Egyptian tombs. Next, 1000-2000 years ago, Garnet stone was used by Sumaria and Sweden as traded stone for jewelry, signet rings, and also vessels.

Garnet stone considered as sacred stone by Africa, Aztec, Maya, South American Indians and Native American Indians. While Asiatic used the red Garnet stone for weapons, and considered the stone as the protection.

spessartite-garnet-necklace square-natural-red-garnet-stone-ring silver-gold-garnet-and-ruby-triple-stone-bangle


Garnet Meaning

Actually, there are various types of Garnet, and those have meaning. Here are the meanings of Garnet stone:

  • Almandine Garnet means energy or regeneration, close relationship with earth and the increasing power to refuse negative thin.
  • Andradite Garnet means forward thinking, it is often used in safety and strength area.
  • Grossular Garnet means self-empowerment, hope, gratitude abundance.
  • Pyrope Garnet means vitality, inspiration and charisma.
  • Spessartine means braveness, it gives positive energy to through the life without afraid of anything.
  • Uvarovite Garnet means prosperity, wealth, and how to enjoy the gift from the Universe.

15mm-opal-onyx-garnet-stone-sterling-silver-cocktail-ring garnet-stone-arrowhead-stone-jewelry garnet-stone-earrings grade-natural-garnet-bracelet


Garnet Healing

Actually, Garnet can be used for:

  • Spiritual Healing
    Hold Garnet stone or use Garnet stone jewelry to get positive energy. Or you can place Garnet stone in certain spot in your home. Consult it with Fengshui expert first.
  • Physical Healing
    Hold Garnet stone or use Garnet stone to remove negative energy in your body and mind. Garnet stone can smoothen metabolism and detoxification process, and also heal rheumatic and other diseases.
  • Emotional Healing
    You can place Garnet stone under your pillow to avoid nightmare and make you calm.

garnet-and-yellow-gold-ring natural-garnet-stone-pendant-925-sterling-silver-pendants hemp-wrapped-garnet-stone natural-stone-bracelet-925-sterling-silver-garnet-bracelets


Garnet is semi-precious stone that is really useful. Nowadays, Garnet commonly used for trimming jewelry and make the jewelry looks so perfect and beautiful. But actually Garnet stone is not only good for jewelry, because it has benefit for spiritual healing, physical healing and also emotional healing.

So, you will be very helpful by having this stone. Also when you have known about Garnet stone meaning, you can use Garnet stone which matches with your personality, then you will be very helped by it.


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