Unique Sterling Silver Mood Rings

The sterling silver mood rings will let you to have more than just a plain ring on your finger. This ring basically will help you to learn about your mood accordingly. Mood ring basically has a thermo chromic part. The liquid crystal will give response on your body temperature. Any color change will indicate your emotional status directly. It is worth to note that the sterling silver mood rings will have neutral color when your skin temperature is around 37° C.

This standard is made based on the idea that body heat has up and down along with the emotional state. it is worth to note though that menstrual cycle and infection may also influence the body heat. This will be the reason why people somehow questioned the mood ring accuracy to detect the mood swing. Apart from the critique, it is still fun to have a mood ring around. The color change will give you dynamic appearance. Just like any other stuff, sterling ring will be the guarantee for the quality that you need to learn. It is also possible to get the classic sterling silver mood rings. For your information, the oldest mood ring was created by John Reynolds and Maris Ambats in 1975.

Buying Real Sterling Silver Mood Rings

Just like any other stuff, having the fake sterling silver mood rings will give you real disappointment. Fake mood ring has poor quality to begin with. Any mood ring with glass mounted gem will be easy to break for any collision. It is also possible to experience that the liquid crystal leaked due to improper sealing. It is interesting that in popular culture there is rumor that the mood ring may explode. Well, such story basically set on the 1976 comic strip, “Peanuts”.sterling silver mood rings

In the real life, such situation actually never happens no matter how angry the wearer will be. If you want to have the best experience with sterling silver mood rings, it is best to purchase from reliable source. Be sure to check on the mood ring detail information and the time the ring was made. This will let you to calculate whether the price tag really reasonable or not.

Caution on Buying Vintage Sterling Silver Mood Rings

The first attempt to made sterling silver mood rings can be dated at 1975. With this time setting, it surely possible to get the ring with more vintage value around. But still, it better to be careful whenever you find an interesting offer on the vintage mood ring. This is important because no matter how classic a mood ring design will be, any claim that the ring was made earlier than 1950 is unbelievable.sterling silver mood rings

On the contrary, it is possible to get the 50’s ring style from the mood ring made lately. This is set by the fact that today jeweler actually has better access for the old and new ring design. The complete tool set also help the creation for different kind of ring style easily. From this fact, the vintage mood ring does exist in many ways. The real one is surely a costly option. But any old sterling silver mood rings replica is also worth your attention under a budget.


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