Valuable Emerald Birthstone for Your Loved One

Emerald Birthstone is a kind of valuable gemstone with green color. Pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings with Emerald gemstones believed to get energies from Venus Planet have been commonly used as gifts since thousand years ago. The word emerald is from the Greek word Smaragdos that means a green stone.

Emerald gemstone symbolizes friendship, loyalty, faithfulness, memory, belief, and clairvoyance. Besides that, people wearing pieces of jewelry with emerald believe that their health problems with eyes, head, spine, and fertility will be able to deal with them. It is also great to help enhance great mentality. So, it’s no wonder if people want to collect pieces of jewelry with emerald gemstone.

The natural green color of Emerald Birthstone come various in shades of green. It is the selective absorption of light called body color that creates the green color in emerald gemstone. As we know that color in gemstones is also decided by three things, first, the hue—this is when we see its first impression of it. The second is by its saturation—this is when we see the intensity of the gemstone’s color measured from dull and strong to vivid. The last one is by the tone—this is when we see the lightness and darkness of the color that range from the light, medium, and dark. Emerald gemstone color is decided by these three as well.


emerald-engagement-ring-ideas emerald-birthstone-necklace-design


People who were born in May with Taurus Zodiac Sign have this Emerald Birthstone. So, it is great to be given as a gift for the loved ones who were born from April 21 to May 20 with Taurus Zodiac Sign.

Taurus Zodiac Sign is the second sign of the zodiac that is influenced by the Venus Planet with the bull as the sign. It is also great to give a gift of emerald jewelry for the 20th, 35th, and 55th of our wedding anniversary. As the alternative, we can give jewelry with other birthstones such as Sapphires, Agate, Garnet, and Diamonds.

Things to make Emerald Birthstone considered precious:

  • Its weight
  • Its color, clarity and shape
  • It belongs to Beryl family
  • Its hexagonal crystal structure containing chromium to produce color
  • Its inclusions that creates garden of emerald


raw-green-emerald-ring personalized-infinity-birthstone-bracelet


The knowledge about the shape, weight, color, and inclusion of Emerald Birthstone is needed when we want to buy Emerald jewelry for the loved ones.


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